Trump’s Latest Meme Tweet Takes Aim at Hillary – And The Liberal Media Is LOSING IT

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Donald Trump CLEARLY doesn’t care about what the media has to say about his tweets.

Earlier this morning, Trump retweeted a meme that shows the power of his golf swing — and its ability to take down Hillary Clinton.

This isn’t the first time Trump has retweeted a controversial post on social media. In July, he shared a video of him taking down “CNN” during a WWE match.

That tweet caused a full-scale meltdown at CNN — and his latest is sure to do it again. They’ll call it sexist, violent and beneath the dignity of the president.

Conventional wisdom says Trump should avoid the backlash, but the president proved in the past that he can make the media look crazy by baiting them with tweets. While they rage for days, regular Americans will accept that the president was simply making a JOKE.

It actually makes him look BETTER in comparison.

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But don’t tell the media. Let them look insane.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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