Trump Just Ripped Sanders Apart With Latest Series of Tweets – Bernie is DESTROYED!

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‘Democratic’ socialist Bernie Sanders is a known crazy man and leftist icon who for some reason evades serious public criticism. Until now.

Sanders has introduced his whack-o medicare-for-all health care plan in the Senate on Wednesday. The bill already has 16 Democratic co-sponsors- more than ever before, which shows you just how far to the left the Democrats have been going. Sanders bill would get rid of all private health care in America and replace it with Medicare. Given the state of Medicare in this country, I don’t know who would want to force everyone to have it. But that’s Bernie Sanders for ya, folks!

Someone needs to put an end to the socialized medicine crazy train and President Trump is willing to step up to the plate:


President Trump desperately wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, but he’s not going to accept the super expensive, super unrealistic Medicare-for-all idea that Bernie Sanders has in mind.

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) just asked the Congressional Budget Office to score Sanders’ plan, citing a 2016 study from the left-leaning Urban Institute that estimated Medicare-for-all would cost a cool $32 trillion over ten years. Barrasso added that he was:

“deeply concerned that Senator Sanders’ Medicare-for-All legislation is not only a government takeover of health care, but would also put financial burdens on the American people that they cannot sustain.”

I for one am really looking forward to seeing the CBO destroy Sanders’ plan, and it’s great to have a president that backs it up!

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(via: Liberty Writers)

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