Sarah Sanders Just Made BRUTAL Comments About James Comey in Front of Room Full of Reporters

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Today seemed like a normal enough day at the White House press briefing. Everything started off just fine until one pesky New York Times “reporter” decided to ask if Trump felt bad about firing Comey yet.

BAD MOVE. That’s when Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Huckabee jumped into action with her own brutal threat against James Comey.

In front of the Press Core, the American people, and God Sarah Sanders asked the Department of Justice to prosecute James Comey for breaking the law.

But Sarah did not stop there. She talked about how Comey made the decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton even before interviewing key witnesses including Clinton herself.

Comey also admitted to Congress that he was busy leaking documents to the press to set up a Special Prosecutor WEEKS before he was fired.

She even went straight for the throat of the NY Times reporter, reminding them that their outlet was the one busy leaking government documents to pursue Comey’s agenda.

Sarah finished her takedown by saying that President Trump is VERY happy with the decision to fire Comey at this point especially considering all the terrible things that have come out about Comey since then.

Pretty brutal, am I right? Still, the New York Times absolutely deserved it. Now we just gotta make sure it gets shared out everywhere so people see the Truth about disgraced FBI Director Comey instead of the rosy picture the media paints.

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