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[VIDEO] Cuomo Just Asked Bernie Sanders One Question, and All HELL Breaks Lose on LIVE TV!

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Senator Bernie Sanders has always had a history of impassioned speeches, but the tirade he let fly on CNN’s Chris Cuomo was shocking to say the least.

Cuomo simply suggested that people want Sanders to run for president in 2020.

“Are you the messenger for this message?” Cuomo asked Sanders about his book on Thursday night.

But Sanders wasn’t having any of it, immediately firing back with some heated words.

“The media never ever gives up, and instead of focusing on real issues they keep talking about never-ending campaigns.”

Sanders continued to slam Cuomo for constantly asking him who will run in 2020, but Cuomo surprisingly snapped back, “yeah, because I’ve never liked the answer…it matters who runs.”

The problem with this logic is that no one will be running for a long time, and endless inquiries as to who the next president will be only distracts from the achievements of our current Commander-In-chief. It’s time to focus on the issues that are plaguing this country and we already have an administration that is more than equipped to handle the job. As it turns out, Sanders agrees.

“Chris, of course it matters who runs but we don’t need to have never-ending elections. We just had an election six months ago, it never ends,” Sanders yelled. “People are sick and tired of it. People want me to go back to Washington to deal with climate change, to deal with health care, to deal with education, to deal with the issues that impact their lives.”

Of course, the biggest part of this problem is the incessant media working relentlessly to hold up the White House. If Bernie Sanders is starting to complain about the media, maybe the rest of the country will finally catch wind of what’s REALLY going on behind closed doors. CNN especially has proven themselves to be untrustworthy, and now they’re already focusing coverage on something nearly 4 years away.

If you’re sick and tired of the leftist media’s never-ending games, SHARE this video so it goes VIRAL!

(via: Liberty Writers)

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