[VIDEO] Trump Just Gave a MASSIVE Gift To Our Country’s Servicemen and Women

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Under President Trump’s budget proposal, our military men and women, who give so much of themselves to preserve our freedom, are getting a raise.

And that raise will not be affected by the cut the President will give to Federal employees.  Civilian federal employees were expecting to get a raise, too, of 1.9%.  This would have been an automatic raise, and include and an additional cost of living raise. But Trump has determined that is not appropriate.

They will still get a raise, just not as much as anticipated.

Trump explained in a letter to Paul Ryan and Mike Pence, that he has authority to change federal salaries in times of “national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare.”  He also said that the automatic raise that would have happened would not leave enough money in the federal budget to maintain “support for key Federal priorities such as those that advance the safety and security of the American people.”


While I hate to see anyone not be paid appropriately for their work, I trust that the President has our best interests at heart.  And our safety and security is clearly his priority.  I’m very happy about how he also prioritizes our service men and women and their families.  They sacrifice so much for our freedom, they deserve our respect and pay.

Trump wrote “I strongly support our men and women in uniform, who are the greatest fighting force in the world and the guardians of American freedom.”

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(via: Liberty Writers)

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