The LIE That James Comey Just Got Caught Telling Will Land Him in PRISON

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It was never ever really in doubt that James Comey let Hillary Clinton go during his investigation of her emails during the election and new documents seem to point to that conclusion.

James Comey in a memo showed that he had seemingly made up his mind on Hillary Clinton’s verdict before actually seeing any evidence and was just going through the motions.

But that isn’t the worst news for James Comey. Not only are his lies exposed for real, but the memo also shows that he perjured himself when he went in front of Congress to testify on his investigation!

Comey told Congress that he decided not to recommend any charges after he interviewed Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016 but he made that decision months before the interview!

James Comey just got the worst news of this life!

Not only is a confirmed liar that let Hillary Clinton go, but now his lies just made him break the law!

It must be hard to keep up with all the lies when that’s all you tell.

This also further points to the ridiculous nature of Robert Mueller’s investigation still going on.

Mueller is directly connected with Comey, friends with him, and using Comey’s memos to open a new investigation into Trump.

This shows once again that the Mueller investigation should be shut down and Comey should be in jail.


As Chris Farrell said. Comey showed signs that he had made up his mind on the Hillary Clinton investigation months before its conclusion.

That he would let Hillary go.

The Democrats and Mueller are doing this again now but have already made up their minds before having any evidence that Trump is guilty.

Of what? It seems to change every week without any evidence.

Comey has just been caught red handed and hopefully his lies are enough to put an end to all of the Russian investigation nonsense for good.

Comey can’t be allowed to get away with this.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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