Is Maxine Waters attempting to deflect from her corruption?

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Maxine Waters has in recent days become (for better or worse) the face of the Democratic Party, the left currently regards her as some type of cult “hero” due to her rather bizarre tirades against President Trump. However one would do well to remember that despite her status as a left wing icon she has often been referred to as one of the most corrupt individuals to ever occupy a position in Congress. Although tales regarding her corruption appear to be well substantiated the same main stream media who have provided unending in-depth coverage of her MANY anti-Trump screeds have been far less forth coming regarding the reasons for Waters receiving the title of “most corrupt”

Lost in Waters many “Impeach Trump” rants are the multitude of unscrupulous acts attributed to her while she has been acting as a member of Congress, these include a complete and utter disregard for campaign finance regulations that found her daughter collecting over $600,000 (over a ten year period) to manage Waters campaign mailers. The mailers in question were handled in a way that can best be described as Clinton-esque in it’s execution. Various lawmakers (including  Liberal darling Kamela Harris) paid Waters for her endorsement and the endorsement was then included on the mailers. Numerous potential lawmakers and judicial hopefuls paid up to $45,000 to receive Waters’ endorsement and to be included on Waters’ mailers. This arrangement proved to be very lucrative for both Mother and Daughter.

Another aspect of Waters’ tenure as a member of Congress has been her numerous trips to the Island of Cuba. It might be surprising to discover that a member of Congress who has repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump due to an as yet unproven and unsubstantiated relationship with a Communist nation has herself had a very documented relationship with the Communist nation of Cuba. The purpose of Waters’ visits is even more troubling, apparently these trips have been conducted to allow Waters to visit her friend and convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimand the notorious former Black Panther. This relationship has received little if any scrutiny from a media that seems to be utterly obsessed with every aspect of the President’s life.

Last but certainly not least in the myriad of malfeasance that has defined Waters’ political career thus far has been the Congresswoman’s actions in diverting taxpayer money from the government trough to once again serve her (and her family’s) interest. The self serving nature of Maxine Waters was never demonstrated more thoroughly than her involvement with OneUnited Bank. Waters managed to hood wink the Treasury Secretary at the time Henry Paulsen to supposedly meet with a group of inner city banks while knowing that only one bank would be attending the meeting in question and that bank was OneUnited Bank, a bank in which both Waters and her husband held a significant interest (in fact her husband had served on the bank’s board) something which Waters neglected to disclose. OneUnited did in fact receive assistance in the form of bailout funds under TARP

Up to this day Maxine Waters has been given a pass from not only the media but strangely enough from the Republican majority in Congress.

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