Blockbuster! Liberal News Journal: No Russia DNC Hack/Trump Collusion

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A new Blockbuster article published August 9th in ‘The Nation’ authored by Partrick Lawrence lays bare the Russia/Trump Collusion and Hacking of the DNC as a fantasy, and illustrates there was Collusion in this sordid affair, not however by Trump and Russia, but by the Democratic/Liberal Party leadership, and their MainStream Corporate Media supporters to promote, and knowingly perpetuate a fraud upon the American people. This has been done regardless of the great harm to our Nation as a whole; duplicitous in what they certainly knew all along; there was never a hack by Russia/Trump: It was an ‘inside job’ by an insider with authority to access and that secured, and then leaked the DNC documents published by WikiLeaks. The Nation article authored by Patrick Lawrence is a must read, particularly for our Liberal friends, with the intellectual curiosity,and honesty to confront the Truth. 

Ready for the summary conclusion of all the facts, evidence, and findings from the unimpeachable expertise, and experience of these team members from Intelligence, Cyber security, Forensic/IT, and retired NSA  analysts that examined, and scrutinized every shred of this Russia Hacking, and Trump Collusion claim that The Nation team just published?  Here it is:

  • There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device. In short, it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. This casts serious doubt on the initial “hack,” as alleged, that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last summer. – via The Nation


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This Russia/Trump collusion narrative was concocted as cover by the DNC, (primarily the Hilary wing of the DNC) and Democrats. At the same time as providing cover for the truth, and knowledge that it was an “inside job” it served another political end, and purpose. That opportunistic purpose was to cripple the Trump Presidency and agenda politically; “by hook or crook”.   I wrote about and exposed their post-election antics and similarly nefarious schemes, calling out their duplicitous subversion of our Democratic process with their vote fraud claims, frivolous recounts, and attempts to monkey-wrench, our Electoral College, and Election result; “by any means necessary”.

Hillary Clinton, along with her lap dog Stein, are engineering and gaming the system with these frivolous, and dishonest recount efforts by forcing States, and Trump campaign legal filings into delay. Their second front is targeting Electoral College Electors with harassment, threats, and coercion to change votes to Clinton; thereby disqualifying and disenfranchising the outcome of America’s Will, and Voice. Not only is this an affront to citizens in PA, MI, and WI, but it has ramifications across America under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution and it’s Equal Protection clause by violating rights of voters in other States over these disingenuous actions sought by Clinton.  -via by this Author 

I wrote then they would pay a heavy political consequence for the above schemes and attempt to subvert this Democracy, I was wrong. They were probably emboldened by the inconsequential political price they never paid,  thanks to a disinterested Corporate Media. This likely even encouraged them to push the Russia Hacking fiction full bore as a result.

The Nation is one of the oldest and most respected Liberal-Progressive News publications. Patrick Lawrence had the political courage, and the intellectual skepticism to refuse acceptance of the Lynch mob mentality and most of his professions personal animus for President Trump. Lawrence instead decided to seek something refreshing and forgotten within their profession; a responsibility to be skeptical arbiters, and finders of truth.  While Patrick Lynch sought truth, the Lemming herd of Main Stream Media piled on the President lapping up and regurgitating the false narrative. Trump was not a sympathetic figure worthy of their presumption of innocence even absent any tangible evidence for guilt. So the feed of Fake News from the DNC, Democrats, and Trump Hater’s in the Media got busy. The lies and innuendo’s hit the water like chum on a shark fishing expedition. The shear volume of the Fake News, from seemingly scrupulous and trustworthy sources, fed 24/7 through a news cycle utilizing all mediums and channels,  would surely turn America against Trump. And it did.

 It was, and is designed to damage, cripple, and politically assassinate President Trump, and his Presidency under weight of it’s cumulative effect. Before I am bombarded with emails from skeptics about how the entire Media, Political, and Intelligence Community have concluded that there is consensus of Russian Hacking of the DNC  andTrump’s Collusion: I offer my simple and irrefutable rebuttal in one sentence. And the very same entities and players were also certain that Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction.

A great edifice has been erected during this time. President Trump, members of his family, and numerous people around him stand accused of various corruptions and extensive collusion with Russians. – via The Nation

Lawrence chose to do some real investigative journalism work; you know that stuff that used to be based upon evidence, facts, ‘on the record’ quotes from named sources, critical-thinking analysis,and one more necessary component; truth. Lawrence’s article is well researched. Read all of it, it’s very lengthy and detailed, but clarifies so very much; while it also rightfully raises some troubling questions about the reprehensible actions, and motivations of the DNC and Democratic Party leadership. It reveals their duplicitous narrative and  conspiratorial Collusion with the Corporate Main Stream Media (either knowingly, or being gulled as willing dupes by their Democratic and DNC friends). Here is one collusion charge I can make based upon fact, with actual evidence so clearly illuminated by Wikileaks exposure of this unholy DNC and Corporate Media alliance. 

A less than minor detail that I have previously pointed to convincing me early on that this entire DNC/Russia/Trump hacking narrative was a ruse; is the fact that as of this very day, the DNC has never allowed, and has rebuffed all efforts by, and requests from the FBI, IT Forensic, Committee investigators, NSA,  and independent outside Cyber Security experts to examine the servers alleged to have been breached and hacked at the very heart of this crisis. Author Lawrence pointed this glaring strobe light of alarm out as well. 

Now, with the Patrick Lawrence report  findings definitively refuting Russian Hacking and Trump collusion, and it’s determination that it was an inside job and leak; where does that leave us in the matter of the DNC leak, and WikiLeaks DNC document publications as a story?

If now determined to be an inside job by a Leaker….it is imperative to reexamine the whole WikiLeaks DNC document acquisition, and publication with entirely new eyes, and fresh perspective.

Who could it be?  What was their goal? How did they do it? Why would they do this? Where did it happen? When did it occur? These are all important questions, needing answers. It occurred to me after reading Patrick Lawrence’s article in The Nation as it answered or confirmed many of my long held contentions and beliefs; it also put many old questions in a new light. So as I pondered the facts and findings of his article, I do so in light of another story, with dots connecting many of the very same players and related components.The DNC, Computer Servers, WikiLeaks, IT expertise, Administrative controls and authority, and Data Theft; which are beckoning for examination, and consideration of possible relativity.

It is a very troubling story, that I will leave for another day as I work to organize it; to be published quite soon. For now, lets be thankful that there is still integrity, and intellectual curiosity, among some in Journalism, and the Liberal side of it no less. I applaud and honor both Patrick Lawrence, his editors, and publisher of The Nation for their courage, and dedication to find Truth.


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