[VIDEO] FOX News Just Dropped a SERIOUS Truth Bomb on Dems, Antifa Protestors

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Folks, we are living in “crazy” times. ANTIFA groups want to fight fascism while using the very methods of Fascists to carry out their political agenda.

We see the Democrat Party throwing fits over monuments built to remember their own party’s forefathers and somehow managing to pin the blame for the actions of their predecessors on the party that opposed them. These are strange times we live in and Jessie Waters summed it all of perfectly.

Fox News host decided to say it all. Jesse Watters decided to share his opinion after protesters tried to remove every Confederate memorial. He spilled out several facts, and Democrats hate each of them. But, Watters made a bold move and patriots across the country cheer to his comments.

Democrats are using Confederate memorials to slam President Trump and his supporters. They needed a reason to trigger anger in people, and it seems like they have found a good one. But, Fox News host Jesse Watters spoke in the name of all patriots.

Waters reminded people that destroying monuments isn’t what Americans do. ISIS terrorists do such a thing.

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