Failing the LitmusTest….

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Does anyone remember the good old days when conservatives were just “racists” or “bigoted”? Although this might seem to be an odd thing to remember fondly, give it some thought – in those days you typically had to say or do something to be branded a horrible racist. Disagreeing with President Obama or not voting for Hillary Clinton typically got the “R” word thrown at you, but now criticizing the tactics of “Black Lives Matter”, or daring to utter the words “All Lives Matter” or the far more racially insensitive “Blue Lives Matter” will get you lambasted for being the absolute worst kind of racist ever a horrible “White Nationalist”!!

Yes the term “White Supremacist ” has quickly become the left’s favorite new label to slap on conservatives who commit the horrible sin of not agreeing with them. The litmus test for this label seems to be overly simple – just don’t condemn your skin color or profusely apologize for it and “BAMMM”, White supremacy strikes again!

This was brought home recently by Newsweek (which apparently used to be a magazine or something) when they published a, ummm, story editorial screed  oh hell an “article” that actually contained the following (REALLY) Please note the paragraph is placed in super-duper quotation size for no other reason than to highlight the absurdity contained within

“Despite BLM’s efforts to bring awareness to the plight of being black in America, as well as advocating for social justice for minorities, the group has faced strong opposition from law enforcement and race-related support groups such as Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter.”

No matter how many times you say it, and even if you are saying it out loud, the mind (for good reason)  refuses to wrap itself around the term “law enforcement and race-related support groups such as Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter”.

In fact it would be highly understandable if you were to ask something along the lines of “C’mon, this is Newsweek! When’s the last time they said something even moderately intelligent?” But sadly the once great good kind of okay magazine’s staff are not the only ones peddling this malarkey. Witness the recent tirade conducted by a myriad of left wing talking heads concerning a rather heated exchange between the White House’s Senior Advisor for Policy Stephen Miller and CNN’s Journalist and (accumulator of bizarre socks) James Acosta. As usual Acosta was under the somewhat mistaken impression that he knew everything about well….everything, and it fell to Miller to burst the Certainly Not News Network’s cub reporter’s bubble. (the snarky creation of Right Wing pundit Michelle Malkin) gathered up some interesting tweets from the left wing meltdown that followed  If you take a moment to peruse the article (which like most offerings is quite good) you will quickly come to the realization that the left shares a gigantic brain (well maybe “gigantic” is an exaggeration). How else could so many left wingers come to the realization that Miller’s knowledge of those pesky things called “facts” are a result of his knowledge of (cue the pearl clutching and gasps of horror mixed with outrage) WHITE NATIONALISM! otherwise referred to as WHITE SUPREMACY!!

Amazingly enough self possessed liberal journalists who apparently were unaware that the poem “Colossus” was not a part of the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution and was not incorporated into the bylaws of the Water Buffalo Lodge (admittedly the last is just a wild guess) did possess the knowledge that the fact the poem was added to the Statue of Liberty at a later date than dedication of the statue was (to SADLY quote a tweet by Think Progress founder Judd Legum) “..a popular White Nationalist talking point”. It is uncertain at this time how many White Nationalist talks Legum has attended or been privy to, but his knowledge on the subject seems extensive.

These are just examples, but sadly they are not rare. Anyone with access to the Internet (or who comes upon a copy of Newsweek at your local fish market or landfill) can find a plethora of examples with nothing more than a cursory examination.

Apparently the litmus test for being a white nationalist or a white supremacist is the same one that the left has been using for years to accuse people of racism, bigotry and misogamy – the names sound a little different but then the left (mired in a string of very expensive lost elections) is making a real effort to appear new and different (as attested to by their snazzy new slogan “Hate – it’s not just for breakfast anymore!”).

So what is the litmus test? Again it’s the same as it has always been. Disagree with the left on anything, and your not just a racist, your now a white nationalist. What then is the litmus test for being a liberal? One would do well to look for the scars from the lobotomy






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Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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