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  • The ADL Has Declared Anti-Antifa Image As ‘Hate Symbol’ and Opposing Antifa as ‘Racist’


    Sorry to inform you, but if you oppose Antifa, according to new definitions by the ADL, then you are a white supremacist. In addition to declaring the “OK” hand symbol and bowl cuts are now “hate symbols,” the ADL has also declared “anti-Antifa images” are “hate symbols.” According to the ADL, opposing Antifa makes you a white […] More

  • Leftists Plug Their Ears As Trump AGAIN Condemns White Supremacists AND Antifa in El Paso


    President Donald Trump made it clear that he stands against “any group of hate” following the recent mass shootings. The nation was rocked after two separate mass shootings took place in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. Following the shootings, police quickly found evidence that the El Paso gunman was a white supremacist who targeted the local Walmart due […] More

  • Failing the LitmusTest….

    Does anyone remember the good old days when conservatives were just “racists” or “bigoted”? Although this might seem to be an odd thing to remember fondly, give it some thought – in those days you typically had to say or do something to be branded a horrible racist. Disagreeing with President Obama or not voting […] More