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[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Just Pissed Off EVERY Democrat With Her Latest Comments – This is a MUST SEE!

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Democrats and liberals are beginning to sound like more than conspiracy theorists.

They’ve become the political embodiment of “chicken little.”

Every time a Democrat or liberal opens his or her mouth, the sky is apparently falling. If it’s not the Russians, it’s global warming or the rise of fascism.

And, naturally, it’s all Trump’s fault.

Leave it to Judge Jeanine to deliver a much needed wake-up call.

"The democrats in this country are so freaked out we elected a president who calls it the way he sees it and not the way the so-called mainstream media and political establishment on *both* sides of the aisle do, that they wake up hysterical every day, yelling "the Russians are coming" – there's collusion everywhere. America is under attack. Our way of life is coming to an end. And chicken little and the sky are falling." #MyOpeningStatement

Posted by Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday, July 15, 2017

(via: Conservative Post)

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