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Hillary Just ADMITTED To Being In Bed With Foreign Governments To Try and DEFEAT Trump!

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Why nobody is investigating this? Why liberal media is not reporting this?

During her campaign, Hillary said that foreign leaders have reached out to see if they can endorse her to stop Trump.

Clinton was responding to a question from a man, who said he was the son of immigrants, during a Democratic Ohio town hall when she revealed she has received international support.

‘I am already receiving messages from leaders, and I am having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump, and I am like no, this is up to Americans, thank you very much.’

When CNN moderator Jake Tapper asked if Clinton would reveal who had privately contacted her, she laughed and said ‘No Jake, we’re holding that in reserve.’

Clinton also took the opportunity to press the fact that she believes foreign policy has taken a backseat in this election season and should be playing a bigger role.


(via: Conservative Post)

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