Michelle Is IRATE After These SCANDALOUS Photos of Barack Obama Hit The Web

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On his way home from yet another luxury vacation, Barack Obama let a random woman take a photo of the former president holding her baby while on layover at Anchorage International Airport.

Now, being the entitled sort, Obama likely wasn’t doing it to brighten these folks’ day. He was doing it to score PR points.

Instead, he ended up humiliated. And so did Michelle, by extension.

You see, there was something about the photos besides the adorable child that everyone immediately noticed.

Obama wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.












Speculation has been rife for some time that Barack and Michelle’s marriage was on the rocks.

Previously, a top Japanese politician openly stated that the Obamas were heading for divorce and that Barack was using the Secret Service to cover for his extramarital affairs.

On a number of their more recent vacations, Michelle has been spotted suddenly leaving the family retreat early and by herself.

Mainstream media has tried to explain away the wedding ring issue by claiming Barack Obama just wants to keep his “most prized possession” safe.

But seriously. Who does that? And what wife actually buys that excuse?

(via: Conservative Post)

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