BYE-BYE Obamacare! Senate Announces BIG WIN for AMERICA!

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The House passed its bill to repeal and replace the failed Obamacare back in early May. That was an exciting day! But some reports have made it seem like it could take awhile to get past the next step: the Senate.

But now it looks like the Senate plans to take a vote on its version of the bill as early as next week! That’s a great thing, because Obamacare is imploding all around us. Major insurance companies are pulling out, leaving several states (and their people) with no insurance companies on their exchange.

While there are still things to work out in the bill, the GOP hopes to get the bill passed before their July 4 break. Of course, not unexpected, the Democrats say they plan to protest the Senate legislation. They’re mad because the GOP isn’t holding any committee meetings on the legislation.

And, of course, they’re mad because it’s their precious Obamacare!

Now, I must say, committee meetings, if they ensure that the American people get the best healthcare system possible, would be a good thing. But Obamacare had big problems and they needed fixing.

It’d sure be nice if everyone there in DC could take their eyes off their respective party, and self-interests, and focus on what’s best for the American people they are supposed to be there working for, wouldn’t it?

When the Senate bill does get passed, it will go back to the House for consideration. While I want our legislators to be very careful in their consideration, they need to get moving, to make sure the American healthcare system is the best ever!

If you agree, and want a great American healthcare system, and FAST, please get this SHARED so it gets all the way back to Congress!

(via: Liberty Writers)

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