Democrats Spend HOW MUCH On A Bathroom? SHOCKING WASTE Of TAXPAYER Money!

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Yet another example of gross Democratic mismanagement is coming out of New York City, President Trump’s home town. This example, reported by Heat Street, is truly ridiculous though, so you might need to sit down before reading:

The New York City government managed to build a 400 sq ft public restroom in a park for $2 MILLION. And if that’s not bad enough, it took the city 7.5 YEARS to ‘accomplish’ this.

Holy moly, that’s pretty bad, even for the Democrats. The politicians in charge didn’t even seem perturbed by this truly ghastly waste of public funds though- New York City Councilman David Greenfield simply said “Government sucks at development,” when confronted with the bill on Wednesday.

No kidding!

Money for the bathroom was secured in 2011, but construction in Gravesend Park, Brooklyn, didn’t even begin until 2015. The building project apparently got tied down in regulation, red tape, and having to coordinate among different government entities.

This kind of government waste is endemic to NYC, and Donald Trump famously got fed up with the City’s inefficient and costly reconstruction of the Central Park Wollman ice skating rink in 1986. The refurbishment began in 1980, but by 1985 it was still incomplete and $12 MILLION over budget. The future President then took matters into his own hands.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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