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What These People Just Did To ‘Crooked Hillary’ Has Us Laughing Until It Hurts!

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People who vandalize public property are surely not to be praised but every so often vandalism can turn into something meaningful. This is especially true with the message told by a few outspoken people.

Sometime during the night an exit sign in liberal New York had some additional letters added to it. The message written shows Americans true thoughts about the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The exit that sits on southbound Sagtikos Parkway originally pointed towards “Crooked Hill Rd” but some sneaky patriots decided to send a message a change it to “Crooked Hillary.”


This came in the wake of President Trump slamming Hillary through a few epic tweets Thursday afternoon.



To be clear, I am not promoting vandalism in any way, shape, or form. I do however think it’s really interesting to see how far people will go to stop us from being SILENCED! We need to be heard!

Why do the Dems keep trying to slow down our President from making our country great again. Instead they need to be investigating CROOKED HILLARY where this real proof of what she did! Like and Share if we need to stop bogus investigation into President Trump and look into the real criminal Hillary Clinton.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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