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When Trump First Brought Her On Stage, People Were Confused – When They Realized Who She Was, The CHEERS Erupted!

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During President Trump’s big speech on U.S. policy on Cuba, he said many incredible things and moved many hearts in the hope to help liberate Cuba from the horrors it continues to endure.

Throughout the day many people were recognized and applauded for their bravery to combat and survive the tyranny of the Castro Regime in Cuba. President Trump called upon a very special lady that becomes one of the most powerful statements made today.

Cary Roque was brought on stage by President Trump after surviving FIFTEEN YEARS of imprisonment by the Castro Regime. Her willfulness to live and move on is inspiring but what she says about Trump is astonishing.

“On behalf of the Cuban People, the people inside my homeland, thank you and we appreciate your love,” Roque states towards President Trump.

“WOW,” is the only thing Trump could get out quickly.

This unbelievable strength this lady has after suffering years of torture and pain by the Castro regime appreciates the kindness and love that our President has showed towards the people of Cuba. He cares and the people he is around and the people who are closest to him see it. I hope more people can open there minds and just watch out how loving our President truly is.

If you are as moved by this as I am please show the President your love and Share this post as many times as you can. Spread the word President Trump cares!

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