As Soon as Barron Trump Stepped Off Air Force One, Something INCREDIBLE Happened!

There’s a lot of hate being flung Barron Trump’s way. But there’s also a lot of love.

Without even trying, the soft-spoken youngest child of President Trump has amassed what can only be described as a cult following. Case in point – when Barron stepped off Air Force 1 with his parents on Monday, he immediately sparked a buying frenzy over what he was wearing.

Looking every bit your average American pre-teen, Barron was sporting jeans and a 70s-inspired t-shirt that read “The Expert.”

The shirt wasn’t referencing anything in particular. It was just a random design from the current J.Crew boy’s summer collection.

But the simple fact that Barron Trump was wearing it made the shirt an instant hit.

Within hours, J.Crew had sold out of the t-shirt, forcing fans to quickly produce a knock-off version that’s now for sale on teespring.

(via: Conservative Post)

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