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BOMBSHELL: Jim Carey Faces Trial Over Dead Girlfriend

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Jim Carrey will face trial over the death of his girlfriend, Cathriona White, after he allegedly supplied the prescription drugs with which she committed suicide.

Cathriona White’s family and ex-husband are suing Carrey, claiming the Hollywood actor was complicit in the 30-year-old makeup artist’s death.

Today, Los Angeles Superior Court judge Deirdre Hill suggested they will not be throwing out the case against Carrey, despite his lawyer, Raymond Boucher, filing a motion to dismiss it.

The attorney said:

“Mr Carrey loved Ms White dearly and so obviously it will be a very painful process for him.”

White was found dead on September 28, 2015, four days after she overdosed on prescription pills in her home in the LA suburb of Sherman Oaks, just days after she and Carrey split up.

White’s mother claims that Carrey provided the prescription drugs –  Ambien, Propranolol, and Percocet – she overdosed on.

White’s ex-husband, Mark Burton, says the prescriptions were found in pill bottles bearing the name Arthur King, alleging the name is the actor’s pseudonym while adding the coroner ‘determined that the drugs had been obtained by defendant Carrey under a bogus name.

The civil suit also alleges Carrey had given White three sexually transmitted diseases – gonorrhea, Herpes 1 and Herpes 2 – and was pressuring her to keep them quiet.

Burton had previously revealed texts between the two lovers, days after Cathriona’s father passed away, which indicated the nature of their allegedly destructive relationship.

Documents filed in the court complaint also contain written evidence from White herself that state she felt ‘disrespected, degraded, called a whore, an opportunist, threatened’ and was made to feel like an ‘ungrateful bitch’ and ‘damaged goods’ by Carrey.


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