AWKWARD Email Shows How Hillary REALLY Feels About Michelle Obama!

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Hillary Clinton exposed our nation to horrible security threats when she used a private server to conduct official government business.

She tried to delete the emails to cover up the scandal, but she even managed to fail at that too. 

Judicial Watch has sued the State Department so the American people can see the emails she had been hiding, and what they found was both SHOCKING and HILARIOUS.

Hillary Clinton was scheduled to speak at the funeral for the late Betty Ford in 2011. Apparently, she found out Michelle Obama was going too, and specifically asked her aide Huma Abedin to make sure they wouldn’t be on the same plane.

Here are her exact words: “I’d be honored to speak. Is it OK that we and Mrs. O take two separate planes?”

Awkward! To be fair, I wouldn’t want to have to sit next to either of them on a plane.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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