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Trump Launches Plan To Save MILLIONS Of Vets – This is HUGE!

When it comes to our veterans, there’s never enough that can be done to say “thank you.” That’s why ensuring respectful and excellent treatment of veterans within the Department of Veterans Affairs is so important.

To that end, the Trump administration will “soft launch” a hotline for veterans to express concerns or voice complaints about the VA, according to a statement by Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.

Preparations for a fully functional hotline can’t come too soon. Whistleblowers claimed the VA suicide line dropped an astounding 1.4 million calls last year from veterans in desperate need of help, the Washington Examiner reported. Those kinds of numbers are simply unacceptable.

Trump is making good on his promises as a candidate, as he included a direct line to the White House for veterans as part of his 10-point plan for VA reform during his campaign, according to the Washington Examiner.

ABC News reported that Shulkin is hoping to have this new hotline fully operational by August 15.

For those who may be wondering, the number for the hotline has indeed been released. It’s 855-948-2311.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

14 comments on “Trump Launches Plan To Save MILLIONS Of Vets – This is HUGE!
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  1. He is a Veterans only hope! It took me 47 years after Vietnam to get under the Veterans help. We have had very few Presidents that cared about the Veterans. It took me 9 years to get my discharge from the Service. Senator Bob Packwood finally got it for me. Every Veteran Represenitive in our County tried to get me straightened out. After Obama came out with Obama care and I could not get coverage from it. I was finally able to get into the V.A. System!

    • pawanna on said:

      Or vet friend died because he couldn’t get care in RI – his son finally took him to Boston – he died because he was too late…. Give the president a little time and good things will happen for our vets….. God bless you for your service – my husband is also a Vietnam Vet…..

      • Dolores Adams on said:

        Sorry to hear this. Everyone in the government should be made to put at least a couple years serving in the military and then maybe they would see what our military has to go through to protect us and then maybe they would see things differently instead of protecting themselves.

    • Dolores Adams on said:

      47 years to get Veterans help? This is uncalled for. Our military is out there putting their lives at risk to keep the rest of us free and the government treats them this way. I hope our president can get this reversed.

  2. Sharon Windus on said:

    AWESOME! Well Done. Something thing that’s been needed for a long time now. Thank you President Trump.

  3. Pamela H on said:

    Veterans and SSA has not had a DECENT cost of lving in almost 10 years…..yet a nobody pretender to the US Presidency can buy a multi-million $ estate and travel all over the world…..so we know where the $ went!!!!

    • pawanna on said:

      who and what are you talking about – you want us to support what you are saying – put a name to who your are talking about please

  4. Big Ed on said:

    Trump needs to find people who actually give a shit to take care of the veterans. The people who are currently in the VA jobs should be hung (you know, by the neck until dead!). The swamp will be a whole lot more presentable when the VA vultures are gone.

  5. 4USA2 on said:

    Thumbs UP! Love the Vets, love all the military men and women! Ditto all of our police officers who risk their lives daily while enforcing laws in all our cities. Thank you all for keeping us safe and preserving our freedom.

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