Graduates At Notre Dame Get MASSIVE Wake-Up Call After Walking Out on VP Mike Pence’s Speech – Sorry, Snowflakes!

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A group of entitled, liberal snowflake students at Notre Dame thought they were making a “brave” statement by publicly walking out of VP Mike Pence’s speech at the famed university.

Instead, what they got was a BIG DOSE of reality that millennial brats don’t seem to grasp.

They have created such a sheltered mental atmosphere for themselves, that students like these no longer understand how the world works.

Essentially, they are becoming useless burdens on society.

It’s time for a WAKE-UP CALL.

And that precisely what they got after their little stunt.

Snowflakes think this kind of crap will fly in the real world? Good luck holding a job, kids! 

Every idiot that walked out on the Vice President at @NotreDame will be making unicorn frappuccinos for the next 20 years of their life 

I’m cracking up! Literally a handful of spoiled kids walk out as Pence talks at Notre Dame– the left considers this a huge win! Hilarious!

And there were MANY more reactions where those came from.

All these students have accomplished is to make themselves look like entitled buffoons, and un-democratic to boot.

(via: Conservative Post)

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