Muslim MURDERS Two People in Florida – The Media Says NOTHING!

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Folks, this is precisely the kind of story the mainstream media wants you to ignore because it messes up their liberal narrative.

And it does so by showing you the TRUTH about what radical Islam is doing to our nation.

From Dennis Michael Lynch:

A Florida man accused of murdering his roommates claims to have shared their neo-Nazi ideology with the two men until he converted to Islam and shot them because they disrespected his faith.

According to investigators, Devon Arthurs, 18, killed Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, because he was angry about anti-Muslim sentiment in the world and he “wanted to bring attention to his cause.”

The murders occurred at the Hamptons at Tampa Palms apartment complex followed by a hostage situation that took place at the nearby Green Planet Smoke Shop.

Two Tampa police officers responded to the scene and were able to convince Arthurs to release the hostages and surrender to arrest.

As he was led to a patrol car, Arthurs made references to “Allah Mohammed.”

“I had to do it,” he said. “This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.”

A double homicide and a hostage situation? And TOTAL MEDIA SILENCE?!

Are you kidding me?

Imagine if the perpetrator had been a Conservative Christian. We’d NEVER hear the end of it.

(via: Conservative Post)

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