BAD NEWS For Trump As More Republicans Are TURNING Their Backs On Our President!

On top of trying to run this country and help us rebound from eight years of Barack Obama, President Trump is having to battle his own Republican Party.

And that fight is getting ever more intense.

Just this week, a Republican representative openly called for Trump to be impeached.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) has been an outspoken critic of President Trump from day one.

He was also one of just two Republican representatives to jump on the Democrat bandwagon falsely accusing Trump of colluding with Russia to win the election.

Now, Amash is using the firing of FBI Director James Comey to call for Trump’s head.

Earlier this week, Comey wrote in a memo that he had been pressured by Trump to drop an investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Even though at least one top constitutional scholar has said this is by no means grounds for impeachment (assuming Comey is even telling the truth), Amash went on record saying the opposite.

Asked by a reporter for The Hill if Comey’s memo was enough to remove Trump from office, Amash answered “Yes”.

Amash went on to explain that he trusts Comey far more than he trusts Trump.

President Trump is under direct assault from within his own party.

Do you stand with President Trump?

(via: Conservative Post)

79 comments on “BAD NEWS For Trump As More Republicans Are TURNING Their Backs On Our President!
  1. Daria Miedzinski on said:

    Anything Donald tries to do or do to make changes and draining the swamps.
    With all their sqwauking, the Dems, they look as if they are desperate and fighting
    for power. I think in this case, the man above is looking down. The dems and wimpy
    Republicans are part of the swamp and don’t want to be exposed for what they are
    really doing in DC. The swamp is being drained and they don’t like it. Too bad, you

  2. Brenda Baty on said:

    People your votes will make a difference Drain the Swamp Get rid of all the RINOS and the the no reality Democratic they are not for us, there only worry about there power and don’t care about this country!

  3. BobWeete on said:

    I hope, sadly, that he can get McCain and all the other old farts out, and then go term limits, one of the ways of stopping the stink in the swamp. God bless the America that President Trump is determined to save!

    • Gerry Costa on said:

      Yo Bob — you will be an “old fart” sooner or later. It is not their age, it is their total corruption(on both sides of the aisle) and the fleecing of America that they are afraid President Trump will expose. They are a perfect example why we need term limits for every position in our government.

    • Maryann Cook on said:

      I hope our President has the stamina under the betrayals from party, obstructionists and snowflakes. It is so hurtful!

  4. parthenon1 on said:

    I have faith that most true republicans dont believe what the media tries to put out and those so called republicans are actually not republicans but registered that way because the Dem party is so far in the toilet that they wanted to be kept abreast of what was going on in their state and had to register Republican. They along with Grumpy old McCain those of this ilkare simply rinos !

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  5. msueh on said:

    RINOs are “turning against” President Trump because they’ve always been against him; this is nothing new. I think “Conservative Libertarian” describes him better; Mr. trump ran on the R ticket because that’s the only way they’d let him. That’s fine with me; he listens to and marches to the heartbeat of we the PEOPLE, not ME the REPUBLICAN. Most R’s are barely a better choice than Ds these days; they have melded into the same ideological thinking. I’m so thankful Donald Trump won the election, and peeps in DC are wetting their pants because he’s not listening to or giving in to their garbage. He’s off to a great start, and certainly will continue to do wonders for our country and the economy. What a breath of fresh air after what was occupying the rainbow-White House the past eight years! MAGA!

  6. Kadok on said:

    The facts are: someone said trump did something; the story comes from LIBERAL media: the real facts : THERE IS NO EVIDENCE Trump said anything, there is no memo, there is nothing just more lies coming from liberal media news sites and newspapers, If I was Trump, I would fire all of them, I would bring in blue collar workers, front line supervisors and managers, not office managers, people who are not afraid to get in there and get their hands dirty while helping their employees, LEAD BY EXAMPLE, get rid of everybody remotely associated with obama, clinton, lynch, comey, mccain, ryan, pelosi, warren, cummings, schumer all of them. And start cracking down on the domestic terrorist groups funded by soros, in fact soros would be top on my list right after obama for breaking the law, interfering with our government, time to put the foot down.

    • Roy Beasley on said:

      In this case, the someone that said Trump said something is James Comey, longtime well respected member of the FBI. This isn’t some liberal whacko accusing Trump of something. It is a Republican with a long history of honesty and integrity.

      • rnsr4Trump on said:

        Please, the same guy everyone hates on both sides isn’t a respected law and order guy, he is the opposite and cover the crimes of the elite shameful FBI unemployed loser–a nut job with the intent to use the spying done on Trump to stop our country from doing what is in our best interest- having a GOOD relationship with Russia, who is a superpower. Trump is correct, this was an attempt by illegal means to influence and stop his agenda with Russia that we the people support, a positive fresh relationship. The wrongdoing here is the lefts collusion with Obama to stop a duly elected President from making his own decisions, legal ones, of how to handle Russia. The investigation, if done properly will reveal the Russia story a hoax and unprecedented spy campaign to thwart an incoming president of his agenda at all cost.

      • macushlah on said:

        Boy, are you being misled. Where is your proof that Comey said anything? Everything that has come out, has been third party. If it is true, Comey should be prosecuted for not relaying it to the Justice Department right after it happened and not hold it over someones head. He is saying, you keep me employed or I’ll rat on you. Is that honesty or integrity?

        • Susan P on said:

          True. If Trump did attempt to get Comey to drop the investigation, then Comey committed a felony when he did not immediately report Trump for “interfering with an investigation”. Instead, Comey has stated under oath that Trump did nothing to interfere with his investigations.

          Liberal media claims to have a Comey memo that accuses Trump of interfering. Thus far, no one has been able to produce that “memo”. If Comey did write such a memo he is in a lose-lose situation as it means he either LIED under oath and FAILED to report a felony or the memo is a LIE to cover his butt. Either way, if the memo exists Comey is in deep trouble.

      • Jacie Diane Kendrick on said:

        Yeah this is the same guy that totally lied to the public and Congress to get Hillary Clinton out of deep dark water when he should have let her drown. He is as guilty as all the other Crookes in Washington. The only difference with him is he’s got a face that makes you trust him so he can do a lot more damage. Better not say anyone is a “longtime well respected member of the FBI”. It will come back and bite you in the butt. And it has.

      • Gerry Costa on said:

        BS BS BS !!!!!!! comey is a lying POS with ties to the clinton crime family and lies almost as much as obozo and the witch. Honesty and integrity —- great joke. He gave the FBI agency a black eye that will take years for them to overcome.

      • laulau on said:

        Comey aid no such thing. Libs said it was in his report, but they never saw his report. Comey said, under oath, that Trump never tried to get him to quit the investigation. Those are lies from people that want to harm Trump.

      • Roy Beasley on said:

        Let’s just wait a few more days for Comey to testify in open hearing. That should clear up what he said and what he didn’t say.

      • Gloria D. on said:

        Wrong.. he completely lied under oath when it came to Hillary Clinton!!! All integrity went out the window when he did that. His men, many who worked under him have already stated it was time for him to go, I complete agree.

      • Comey is not a Republican he is a Democrat and he has no integrity. He let Hilary off and supported her.

      • holyblood1 on said:

        Yes the same guy that didn’t go after Hillary or Obama or Lynch and had all kinds of proof, is this honorable?

      • Big Ed on said:

        What in the name of God makes you believe Comey is a Republican? He was appointed by Obama and we all know about his tendency to pick conservatives for any opening in his administration. Comey was not a respected member of the FBI either. Even the people who worked for him were angry about his handling of the Hillary investigation. Comey, himself, named all of the laws Hillary broke and then said no competent prosecutor would indict her-clearly the actions of a liberal whacko hack. I’m not certain you are even talking about the same James Comey as everyone else is. The Comey we are talking about had no integrity and little honesty, because if he did he would have completed his investigation, passed the files on to Loretta Lynch so she could decide to prosecute (or not) and then close his files. He didn’t do this.

      • Kadok on said:

        Not so respected outside of the fbi, and it wasnt comey, because as if yet NO-ONE CAN PRODUCE THE SUPPOSED EMAIL!

      • Kadok on said:

        wow and you couldn’t have been further from the truth here, right? Comey the democrat, leaked information 2 days prior to what he said as retaliation for being let go, HOWS that well respected liar working out for you? not only did he leak information then, he leaked information at least 3 times prior to this, comey is a hack, he is brought in to as a manipulator, as was done with Lockheed martin, hsbc bank and a number of others, just as he was brought in to keep Clinton from being indicted, check his net worth, funny how he is worth millions, why do you think he said in his letter to his so called employees he would be ok, BECAUSE he has been bought and paid for decades! Don’t be a sheep!

      • Hmmm seems that well respected fbi director was the leaking classified information, not very well respected by respected adults. Only democrats,

    • blakerin on said:

      Obama was a Soros puppet, Soros needs to go before anyone else. Don’t hold your breath, he has his money and his hand in everything

  7. Sandra L. Sprinkle on said:

    It both saddens me and shames me as an American the way people are treating our President! Our country was founded by every day people such as you and I and were inspired by God Almighty with the words given them in framing the Constitution. We are and always have been a Nation of laws. The Constitution sets forth our rights of American citizens in the Bill of Rights; the structure of our government and the duties of each branch are also set forth, in plain English, in the Constitution; and, if at any time, the people want a change, the instructions and procedures to amend the Constitution are also fully set forth. Likewise, the way the election process works are detailed as well. Then candidate, Donald J. Trump, was chosen as the Republican candidate for President, and, subsequently, won the election. Yes, Hillary received more of the popular vote. However, it was Donald J. Trump that received the required number of votes in the electoral college. So, like it or not, Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Since the beginning of our great Nation and starting with the first Presidential election, this has been the process. It goes without saying and it frustrates me to think there are those who need this explained to them, that throughout the past 200 + years, there can only be one president; obviously, the candidate of each American’s choice doesn’t always win. More importantly, once a new President is inaugurated, it is our duty as American citizens, to support him. The office of the Presidency both deserves and commands each one of us to fully support him and to do our part in making the United States as best as it can be for ALL of us. In closing, I am imploring ALL Americans to do just that. Listen, make an effort to educate yourselves with the facts and not rely on the mainstream media, co-workers, and even family members. Find out for yourself all the good things President Trump has done in just a little over his first 100 days in office. And for those wanting a change in the way our government works, it is your responsibility, then, to start at the local level, state and then federal. The last point I would like to make is this: we all have the right under the US Constitution to determine how we want our country run and by whom. The only way you can do that is by VOTING! I would love to know just how many people voted in this most recent presidential election and would like to know the participation rate State by State and then in the local elections. I was taught that if you don’t vote, then you’re not entitled to voice your opinion. My thought is for those who don’t vote, then you are part of the problem, where you could be part of the solution to our problems. Each and every one of us is en titled to our own opinions. Now, I’m not saying my way is the absolute right way. However, I am currently 59 years old and since I turned 18 years of age, I’ve NEVER miss voting; not a single time! And I can’t imagine it any other way. Our government system, at all levels, is set up to work for “We the People”. It is my belief, that if the participation rate in all governmental elections would raise, we could require accountability from our leaders on a greater scale. Just imagine what we all could accomplish if the voter participation rate was 100%! I worked as a Court Administrator for 14 years in both Municipal and Common Pleas Court for a Judge in Scioto County, Ohio and 5 years as a Deputy Clerk in the Probation Department in Scioto County Juvenile Court . The statement I heard more than any other as to why a person didn’t vote is so they wouldn’t be called for jury duty! I realize each State is different as to who qualifies to sit on a jury and this is how Ohio is set up, or at least it was up until I became disabled in 2008 and had to retire. I found that excuse to not vote to be so frustrating and, quite frankly, an ignorant reason. Juries are selected from a member of your peers. In the world we live in, any one of us could find ourselves in the position of being a defendant in a criminal case; traffic case; or a plaintiff in a civil suit. And I’d like to think that I would be the kind of a person someone would want as a juror hearing their case. Yes, this is a lengthy comment, but, in my opinion, it is one worth making.

  8. John Presley on said:

    We knew the NWO was coming from obamas actions. They thought hillary wud win and carry on obamas plan for NWO. The NWO was designed to have one world law & president, Tear up the US Constitution and install Sharia law throughout the world. It was designed to kill 90% of the people on earth. But along came Trump and fu*ked it up for everybody except conservatives.. Donald Trump woke up the US Citizens to what is going on. Just wished he had replaced all obamas appointees on day one. Liberals are same as communist.

  9. Roy Beasley on said:

    Trump x Comey. Why should Republicans trust one more than the other? Both are Republicans. Comey has always been a Republican and Trump has been off and on depending on what was convenient at the moment. Comey has a long history of honesty and integrity in public service. Trump has a long history of womanizing, shady business deals and cheating people in the private sector. Comey has ethics and morals on his side. What does Trump have?

    • Jacie Diane Kendrick on said:

      You’re a laugh, At least you think you are. You’re really an old fart that thinks he knows more than anyone else but doesn’t. The snowflakes have a lot of that. And all the young snowflakes are on welfare and don’t want it to stop. What a useless waste of breath.

    • Susan P on said:

      You really do need to stop drinking the liberal media kool-aid. In what universe has Comey shown himself to have ethics and/or morals? He went on TV and flatly stated Hillary had broken the law, but was NOT going to be charged, dropped the investigation and then when the possibility of “new” Hillary emails appeared on Anthony Weiner’s laptop he re-opened the investigation on Hillary until it was shown those emails had already been in the FBI hands before the investigation into Weiner. Comey is all about covering his own butt and nothing else.

  10. Damon on said:

    What a pathetic piece of stale tripe. Nice try, en-volve. Change your name to de-evolved. This is the same FAKE news initiative that is trying & failing to convince us that the majority of the public who support Trump are supposed to assimilate the “feelings”, “hatred”, and “vindictiveness” of the FEW who want Mr Trump expelled. Poorly authored article undermined by its own transparent & juvenile efforts to propagate false narratives and hoping & praying someone, anyone will take the bait. Sorry en-volve. but not buying cigars from you clowns! Can’t wait to read your article of how a Cryogenically preserved Adolf Hitler has been awoken & is directing the new administration’s every efforts.

  11. rnsr4Trump on said:

    It is disgusting any republican that would turn their back on Trump, ultimately, turning their backs on all American’s that put Trump in office! We have had enough of these wimps and in 2018 a sea of red even greater than 2016 will be seen in hopes of never allowing another democrat to corrupt our governments again. Trump is a gift and under such pressure by disloyal holdovers, showing us all we must call, write and protest any attempts to smear this President. I couldn’t be more supportive of Trump with each passing day the dems attempt to overturn and de-legitimize the best President in history. Corruption and hypocrisy of a special counsel after the last administration is the icing on the cake, and any republican not standing up and screaming in defense of Trump will have the spotlight on them as we remove these traitors from our swamp. Trump & team rocks and we become stronger and more enlightened to just how bad the swamp was each day the MSM attacks.

    • macushlah on said:

      The swamp is too great for one man to drain. It will take the majority of us to get the job done. What it will take is a million armed men march on DC. Either they will work for the people or they will be eliminated.

      • Susan P on said:

        Millions of voters can drain the swamp. They simply must be educated to know who is a RINO and encouraged to vote against the RINO in every primary. If there is no opposition to a RINO, become the opposition and run for office.

  12. Jacie Diane Kendrick on said:

    I stand with President Trump no matter what. Bring it on Knukleheads! With his help We the People will get that swamp drained of all the crooked politicians, and FAKE MSM.

  13. AE MAY on said:

    Guess what? Who cares what Amash thinks? Who does he think he is that TRUE AMERICANS would want to listen to. Every time one of these clowns opens their mouths, it just proves just how stupid and classless they really are. They are not Republicans nor for America. They remind me of my old dog who use to chase cars, wouldn’t know what to do with it, if they caught it. Just do a lot of barking just as he did! They ( The RINO’s ) combined do not have enough class or knowledge to fill up one our President’s shoes. They are Pathetic!!!!!

  14. VirgoVince on said:

    WE the people, are charged with ‘Draining the Swamp’ of those ELECTED, by remembering NOT
    to vote for them when they are due for re-election! List the names and take it with you to the polls
    when you vote! EACH of US, who voted FOR Trump, must vote against ALL betrayers of OUR
    trust, in either party! Trump/Pence, 2020 and BEYOND!!

  15. scott on said:
  16. Gramma76 on said:

    Yes I stand with President Tump! Amash is a RINO as are several others! Wish they could all be fired!!

  17. Gerry Costa on said:

    First off — amash is a total f*****g idiot. The rest of these scum bag rinos better think about what they are doing — soon enough they will be without a job. Oh wait — they can always travel with their buddy obozo on his moronic tour of speeches and kiss his butt just like the past 8 years. As far as amash goes– all you have to do is realize what state he is from and it tells you everything you need to know. You know — michigan — the muslim state.

    • Susan P on said:

      NO! RINOs are “swamp loving POS traitors”. A RINO is a Republican In Name Only; i.e. a Democrat who runs on a Republican ticket to hide who he/she truly is.

  18. Meyndert Bornman on said:

    If a Rhino is unhappy with Trump they should declare themself willing for a special election and stand against a Trump candidate in their constitutional area and allow the voters to speak. They can only lose. The moment they vote against the President they must be tested.

  19. Bill Senior on said:

    TIME TO START BLOWING THEM TO F**K UP, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TIME TO START “SHOOTING” … I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. WesTexan on said:

    The swamp is stinking back! But what should we expect from politicians who are being challenged by a non-politician. After all, they do think they are smarter than the rest of us. I hope Trump really does drain the swamp, but he’d better move up the timeline.

  21. laulau on said:

    This is a lie!!! Comey said, under oath, on tv, that Trump never asked him to stop the investigation of Flynn, or soften it…never. Libs get your stories accurate.

  22. James Maxwell on said:

    The RINO’s are making it much easier to identify who we need to focus on for removal in the
    2018 election cycle and those who continually obstruct the direction that President Trump is
    trying to lead us in to restore out Nation’s honor and security in for the future. The “OLD GUARD”
    are scared that they will lose their cushy jobs of living off the TAX PAYERS and VOTERS while
    enriching themselves at our expense. We are slowly discovering and identifying them for
    removal from office and draining the swamp of the malcontents who have invested our Nation
    for so many years. Has anyone noticed that they all seem to be LAWYERS and they seem
    to be the most corrupt of all Swamp Creatures.

    • Susan P on said:

      I noticed and promised myself I would NOT vote for a lawyer who runs for political office in future. There is no need for a law degree to become a representative or senator. In fact, it is a detriment to the USA to fill Congress with people trained in how to obfuscate the law.

  23. Amash must have something to hide….he should be ‘impeached’ as he does not represent the people that voted him in office.

  24. Maryann Cook on said:

    I stand proudly by my President. He has sacrificed a wealthy private life to HELP US CLEAN UP GOVERNMENT. I am ashamed he has had to endure the betrayals of cowardly party members not representing us who voted him in. Then the ugly, out of control snowflakes are crazy along with all the obstructionists!!! This is a COUP!!! What can we do to HELP HIM???

    • Susan P on said:

      Get out and vote in every Republican primary in your district. If the incumbent has proven to be a RINO, encourage a true constitutional conservative to run as an opponent and vote for the true conservative. If you are such a conservative and cannot find one to run, consider running for office yourself. THIS is how we the people can help Trump “drain the swamp”. We must get active in politics and stay active. That is what Franklin meant when he told the woman who asked what kind of government did we get when he said, “A republic, IF you can keep it”. The only way to keep our form of government healthy is for the PEOPLE to stay informed and active in politics. We cannot simply show up, vote and then go home and ignore what our elected representatives do in office.

      • Maryann Cook on said:

        I understand and agree! I am 65 and have voted just as you say to see the person not live up to his promises and MO. Wealth and power corrupt our politicians. They go on their merry way once in and do what is good for them. DISGUSTED!!

        • Susan P on said:

          I am 71 and have been paying attention to politics since the 1st election of Eisenhower in 1952. Also, studying American History is my hobby; particularly the founding of the USA and how it got to what it is now. Politics is a dirty game. It is necessary that the public stay informed and vigilant as to what their so-called elected representatives are doing. They are mostly lining their own pockets at the expense of the people.

  25. Susan P on said:

    Just because they got elected running on the Republican ticket, does not mean they are republican in their hearts. One of the largest problems in the Republican Party is that it has been invaded by RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) for many years. This is just one of the ploys used by the socialist left to change this country from a constitutional republic to a socialist/communist FAILURE. We the people need to remove ALL RINOs by voting for an opponent during the primaries. If there is no opponent, consider running for the office IF you are a true constitutional conservative.

  26. Primary Amash. I believe there are many fine Republicans who are doctors, accountants, CEOs and even one or two lawyers who could replace someone who seems not to be one bit patriotic and only Republican as long as the party agrees with him, not visa-versa.

  27. Nancy Ressler on said:

    I’m so damn sick of the rhinos and MORONIC libtards !! UGGGHHHHH

  28. Jackbat on said:

    Amash needs a boot up his ass about a foot !’ There is absolutely no evidence this is true and COMEY has said no such, this is total bullshit !!

  29. holyblood1 on said:

    Amash needs to go and be unemployed, these kind of politicians are the ones fighting for special interest or their own agenda or something and are not fighting for the people they represent it seems.

  30. renipo on said:




  31. Time to get rid of Amash! We must DEMAND that we have Republican representatives who BACK AND SUPPORT our president! Trump has enough on his hands battling Democrats/Liberals, Hollyweirds, and MSM without having to deal with back stabbing RINOs as well!! The Republican’s WON, for crying out loud, ACT LIKE WINNERS!!!!!

  32. Mark Campbell on said:

    They were never Republicans if this is the case. making this a false labeling. When the media gets between the people and hidden sources and controls a narrative to bash Trump we are to be surprised by this.
    Let me ask this. There appear to be two Presidents…the one that the media controls the hate driven image and then the one that they can not skew from video feeds during his over seas trip. STARK differences that present a HUGE apparent double personality. Which one is he is quite obvious and the media must be besides themselves to see how transparent and fake their painting is from what we are clearly seeing as a leader doing historical things verses their crap leak attacks that Americans do not give a shit about and frankly are continual unproven bullshit from hidden sources about crap not relevant to fixing America. Diatribe and distraction.repeat

  33. John Savell on said:

    Has Comey actually said that he wrote the infamous memo? The last thing I read was that it was a NYT “reporter,” claiming that his “anonymous” source read him a portion of the memo, but it turned out that the source caught a glance of it and was reciting from memory the little bit he/she saw. The “reporter” never saw the memo and has not verified that it even exits. There may be an update on it of which I am unaware, but I didn’t realize Comey said anything about a memo. Not that it would surprise me if he did. In fact, it would not surprise me if he read the article and then went a wrote a memo, so he can produce it as evidence. It is obvious he is as crooked as the letter “S” and is in the pocket of the DNC.

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