Illegal Immigrant Who Has Been Deported SEVEN TIMES Has Been Arrested In U.S. Again

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long criminal rap sheet was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers in Michigan.

Federal prosecutors charged Rafael Munoz-Molina on May 10 with illegal reentry into the United States after seven prior deportations, MLive reported.

Munoz-Molina was leaving a motel in Bay County when ICE officers pulled him over. Munoz-Molina openly identified himself to the officers and “freely admitted to not having any legal status or documentation to reside or remained in the United States,” Hector Rivera, a deportation officer with ICE, wrote in an affidavit.

Munoz-Molina has a long criminal history inside the United States dating back to 1995. His first conviction took place in Bay County where he was found guilty of malicious destruction of property valued at under $200. His second conviction, second-degree retail fraud, came later that year in a Saginaw County, Michigan.

Two years later, in July 1997, Munoz-Molina received his third conviction – this time in Midland County, Michigan – of domestic violence and received a three-month prison sentence followed by probation and fines before being deported back to Mexico in October 1997.

One week after being deported to Mexico he was caught back in the United States, this time in Texas. He was convicted of illegal reentry and sentenced to 75 days in jail before being deported back to Mexico in March 1998.

Munoz-Molina illegally reentered the United States and was convicted of impaired driving in June 2002, back where his criminal history started in Bay County, Michigan. After serving a six-month sentence, ICE officers deported him in August 2003.

After his third deportation, Munoz-Molina reappeared in Bay County where he received another impaired driving conviction in 2005. This time he only had to serve four days in jail, followed by a shorter probation period than he previously received for the same offense. Munoz-Molina remained in the U.S. for years following his probation period and was not deported again until January 2014.

The following month, he was caught again in Texas where he was convicted of illegal reentry and was immediately deported again in March 2014.

Munoz-Molina reappeared in Michigan in 2015 only to end up behind bars for six months after his third conviction for illegal reentry and was then sent back to Mexico for a sixth time in February 2016.

Two weeks after being deported back to Mexico, Munoz-Molina was picked up by Border Patrol in Arizona and again was immediately deported.

His next court date in Michigan is pending.

(via: Breitbart)

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