Top Military Official Issues EMERGENCY WARNING About North Korea

North Korea may possess only a fraction of the military power of the US. But that doesn’t mean it can’t do some serious damage before it’s defeated.

And Kim Jong Un is insane enough to risk EVERYTHING just to poke us in the eye.

If you think that’s a stretch, don’t take my word for it.

Adm. Harry Harris, a top US naval commander in the Pacific, told the House Armed Services Committee that Hawaii’s defenses need to be bolstered in preparation for a North Korean attack.

From Fox News:

“I don’t share your confidence that North Korea is not going to attack either South Korea, or Japan, or the United States … once they have the capability,” Harris said.

He could not comment on the precise capability of the U.S.’ defenses, but he said, “I do believe that the numbers could be improved. In other words, we need more interceptors.”

North Korea has threatened to nuke either Hawaii or the US mainland.

And commanders like Adm. Harris are taking that threat very seriously.

It’s time Congress did the same.

(via: Conservative Post)

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