HILARIOUS! Liberal Idiots Trolled Into Bashing Obama’s First 100 Days In Viral Video

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Campus Reform just released a new video showing students at George Mason University slamming what they believe is a list of things Donald Trump has done in his first 100 days as President.

They have no idea they are actually slamming President Obama’s first 100 days.

“Trump recently went on what’s called an apology tour,” ask the reporters in the clip, referencing a tour during which Obama visited the Middle East and acknowledged the United States’ past actions.

“Is that something you would like to see him stop doing?”

“Oh, for sure,” says one student.

“I really think he kind of overstepped his bounds,” replies another. “I don’t think it was up to him to apologize on behalf of a nation.”

In another segment, the Campus Reform reporters bring up Obama’s stimulus package.

“He would tax people then use that money to try and use the government to help create jobs. Is that something you view positively or negatively?”

“I gotta say,” replies one student, “that kinda would be a little – definitely more negative.”

(via: Conservative Post)

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