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Sean Hannity Tweets About MASSIVE Story That Is Going To Bring FOX News Crumbling Down

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Fox News went TOO FAR. Here’s what’s about to happen, and it’s NOT GOOD

Fox News has gone waaaay too far in its slide to the left. Something is about to happen to the beloved network and it is NOT GOOD.

Fox’s last big-name conservative, Sean Hannity, has revealed that the powers that be at Fox are trying to oust co-President Bill Shine.

Shine came up as a producer for Hannity’s show, and is today in charge of most programming on the network.

He’s also the last pusher of a conservative agenda among Fox executives, apparently.

In a series of tweets, Hannity confirmed that SOMEONE is trying to get Shine fired, and that if that happens, Fox is FINISHED.

Gäbe i pray this is NOT true because if it is, that’s the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done. Best Sean 

Somebody HIGH UP AND INSIDE FNC is trying to get an innocent person fired. And Gabe I KNOW WHO it is. Best Sean 

Following the embarrassing departure of Megyn Kelly and the firing of Bill O’Reilly, Fox is really digging itself into a hole.

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