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[VIDEO] CNN Newsroom Footage Leaked, and It’s WAY Worse Than Anyone Imagined

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As promised two days ago on the Sean Hannity radio show, James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas just released covertly captured, previously unseen video footage from within the CNN newsroom.

But unlike his usual undercover sting operations, this footage was allegedly sourced from a CNN insider who apparently grew frustrated with the biased reporting of the “fake news” media outlet. Per O’Keefe’s website, today’s release includes hundreds of hours of raw footage from CNN and his team is asking for help to transcribe and investigate the recordings.

119 Hours of Raw Audio From Inside CNN Project Veritas was given over 200 hours of audio from an anonymous source earlier this month. This secretly recorded audio was obtained at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters in 2009. In order to expose media malfeasance within CNN, we need your help transcribing, investigating and connecting the dots on these 200+ hours of audio.

Leave comments, upload transcriptions or contact us with your tips below. With that brief intro, here is O’Keefe’s latest work. Meanwhile, noting that this is just the “beginning of the end for the MSM”, O’Keefe also announced that he will pay a $10,000 award to anyone who comes forward with legally obtained audio or video footage exposing media malfeasance.

(via: Red State Watcher)

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