Trump Alt-Left Hysteria: Leading To Suicidal Alt-Reality

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Today a Washington Post Opinion article suggests Trump’s Presidential time is ticking down to maybe a two year Trump Presidency. They see this reality due to the GOP being swept out of office by 2018 mid-term  elections and the Alt-Left regaining control of Congress. Then they insist his Impeachment by the “new” Congress, will follow. This illustrates the depth of their desperation and full grip of the Alt-Left Hysteria, and Alternative Reality afflicting them in an worsening epidemic scope. Unfortunately, it flies in the face of all logic, with recent Rasmussen Polling indicating widening and escalating American support for his policies in “Right Track” Polling with 46% of Americans thinking the U.S. is on the right track after averaging the mid 20’s to 30% range for most of the last year. To use my favorite Ronaldus Maximus quote that applies…

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

This Hysterical insistence upon fantasy to change the current political realities, is the primary contributor for their illogical beliefs carrying them into their fantasy promised land, far, far, away from the actual reality of confronting Trump’s successes and completion of his term(s). This will ultimately lead to their own suicidal political demise blissfully unaware within this Alt-Reality state they are all in; as they were for the certainty of a Clinton shellacking of Donald Trump before November 8th, 2016. They still don’t, and refuse to ever get it. Any mention of the word “TRUMP” in any sentence whether spoken, printed, or tweeted, will illicit a reactionary and visceral response. They cannot see nor recognize Trump’s established record of relishing a rough and tumble bare-knuckles fight with the establishment of both Parties, and his determination with having come this far; to fight for, and make America Great Again!  Snowflakes, or not.


If Donald Trump signed an Executive Order tomorrow titled  “The Donald J. Trump Marijuana Decriminalization Order of 2017” to legalize Marijuana in all 50 States; I swear the Alt-Left would take to the streets hysterically to fight him on it;  protesting, burning, and looting all across America. “Don’t YOU tell us what to do…You are NOT my President!”  would likely be their rallying cry.

We saw it displayed with their contention on Election night refusing to recognize Trump’s legitimacy because of the Popular Vote favoring Clinton despite it’s irrelevancy to the reality of our Constitutional Republican System of Government with Trump’s convincing Electoral College victory by America’s electorate. So, they attack the legitimacy of the Electoral College, despite the reality of refusing to accept that reality in electing Trump. The Alt-Left manic disdain for the Electoral College was short-lived. Alt-Lefties had a sudden epiphany of support for the Electoral College of course as they sought to create an alternative reality for the founders intention for it. The Alt-Left group called sprang up creating a movement to rally and encourage the Alt-Left to subvert our Democracy with a perversion of the Electoral College as their now useful tool within their Alt-Reality situational Democracy. (all we want, is what we want; as it applies to our needs) Of course it failed in the pathetic, and miserable fashion for their attempted abuse of it to steal an Election and undermine our Democracy; a victim of actual Realities, again.

Let me offer an example of Political suicide being entertained by the Alt-Left in California, and supported by the Alt-Left nationwide spawned by their hysterical reactionary hatred of Trump, and his election.

Alt-Lefties because they operate from Emotion, and Feelings in this Trump induced state-of-mind are defective. Their judgement is compromised, both intellectually, and politically to the point where they are unable to digest, or even recognize facts, truth, and actual realities within this Alt-Reality state of mind.  Right now for example, California liberals are so incensed at Trump being elected without virtue of the irrelevant Popular vote, are proposing with the blessing of Gov. ‘Moonbeam’ Jerry Brown, and  Alt-Lefty Snowflakes across America enthusiastically cheering them on, for secession from the United States of America.  They are formulating plans and collecting signatures to place on the ballot, (passage of which is a foregone certainty) a state-wide popular vote in 2019 called YesCalifornia- referendum. It has been dubbed “CalExit”; asking California voters to secede from these United States of America, forming their own Liberal Country and Nirvana to be a “pure” Democracy governed by their cherished Mob-Rule Popular vote.   (Sorry California residents outside the Bay Area and LA Baisn, you are about to experience Mob Rule Majority tyranny at the hands of YesCalifornia voters.)


I encourage all of my Conservative friends to enjoin and support their secession efforts, and log onto their website donating the MAXIMUM amount possible for their CALEXIT effort and plans to secede. Support them fully in their zeal and hysteria against Trump as Alt-Lefties miss the reality, facts, and truth’s of our last election as they pursue their political suicide, in California, and for the other 49 States Liberals cheering them on.


1) Remove ALL of Clinton and Trump California  Certified popular vote from the National  PV Total. Hillary would basically be President of CA. TRUMP would now be elected President by Popular Vote with a 1.4+  Million Vote and 1.2% Victory margin for the other 49 States total. (Ruh Roh….what about those Trump Pop Vote “illegitimacy” claims now?)

2) Remove California’s 55 Electoral College Votes won by Hillary from the Electoral totals of Trump 306, Clinton 232 and the EC margin would look like this without them; Trump 306, Clinton only 177. This reality clearly shows the disparity of support throughout most of America and the Liberal marginalization, and repudiation of their ideology confined to the remaining liberal bastions on the coasts and major population centers, especially CA because they lost Liberal support in many traditionally safe bastions, losing Michigan, Wisconsin, and PA to Trump as they reject Alt-Left policies,and join Mainstream Americans. This reality, validates our Constitutional Republican Government and Electoral College system to ensure that all American’s get political representation; not just population centers deciding by it benefit of sheer numbers, for those half a Continent away. Why should California voters dictate to all the people in the 49 other States of our Union who their President should be? Thank you Founders for your Genius, and to Alt-Left California secessionists, and especially to their foolhardy Alt-Left cheerleaders; good luck. Thank you for helping to ensure, and  ‘Make our 49 State America Great Again!’ ; for generations to come!

One more thing I can offer to encourage and close my Patriot-minded friends to send their financial and moral support to the Alt-Leftie  ‘CalExit’ secessionist drive…. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and California’s likely new President Jerry Brown,  would be gone. Off they go to rule their new “Nation” of California. That prospect alone ought to be worth the price for a donation in and of itself!

Now I must admit, the reality of California being allowed to secede from the United States, by President Trump, or any President, is a bit unlikely. Some folks might even suggest it is a fantasy…but hey I ought to get at least one Alternative Reality moment of Conservative fantasy given the constant state of Alt-Reality being enjoyed incessantly by our Liberal Friends, don’t you think?



Written by Michael R. Bednarz

Jesus follower. Entrepreneur, Life-long Conservative, Political Junkie.

My writing mission....... Providing enlightened political insight, wit, and informed commentary as the antidote for the LameStream Media.

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