Hate thy name is Hollywood

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In a hitherto unseen and unheard of display of hatred not seen since Democrats established the KKK in order to strike fear in the hearts of blacks and to facilitate the murder of blacks and those damned black loving Republicans, Liberals have been busy implementing a campaign of death threats against A) The Electoral College (didn’t work) B) The President Elect and Vice President Elect (didn’t work) and C) Anyone brazen enough to consider performing for the inauguration of said President and Vice President elect which sadly worked pretty darn well among the liberal denizens of Hollywood.

Where you to ask the oh so enlightened members of Hollywood’s Liberal elite how inclusive they are the answer would no doubt be accompanied by a totally dumbstruck look as if to suggest that you are crazy for even asking!! You would then be informed that Hollywood is the most inclusive group on the entire world, heck the universe even!

But as usual liberals don’t even have anything that so much as resembles a passing familiarity with the truth. Sure Hollywood is inclusive, if you like to have sex with Unicorns or less than legally aged youngsters, or if you ingest your weight in illicit drugs you are welcomed with open arms into the Hollywood fraternity.

But if you possess the crazy notion that killing your unborn children might be considered a bad thing – well forget working in the liberal infested town of Hollywood. In “La La land” (such an appropriate name), “inclusive” means provided you agree with the hive mentality that the majority of the town functions under.

Sadly as if being Pro-life isn’t a horrible enough sin against the liberal narrative, there is the unpardonable sin of doing something as disgusting as agreeing to work with the President to improve our inner cities. It doesn’t matter if you (like Steve Harvey) voted for Hillary Clinton and were a devout Barack Obama fan as outlined in this article by Hollyverse “Harvey is a Democrat, and most of his political activity involves endorsing, defending or hosting one Obama event or another.”  and kept all the other Liberal rules or if like Jim Brown the former NFL All Pro running back you have been a mentor to black youth as outlined in The African American Registry “As early as his playing days in Cleveland, he founded the Black Economic Union (BEU), which used professional athletes as facilitators in the establishment of Black-run enterprises, urban athletic clubs, and youth motivation programs” and a “civil rights activist”, said once you have confessed to having a positive conversation with President Trump you open yourself to abuse and intense criticism from liberals like Marc Lamont Hill who painted all Blacks who met with Trump as “mediocre negros” a term that apparently can only be used by black liberal talking heads.

So apparently liberal’s talk of inclusion and diversity is just another script to them something that has no bearing on real life. Tinsel town has sadly become “Lights! Camera! Hate!”


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