Sen. McCain Caught Making HIGHLY Illegal Phone Call – Could This Trigger His Resignation?

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Senator John McCain is sounding more like a RINO everyday. He should be supporting his Congressional peers and President Donald Trump to make America safe again.

Instead, John McCain’s phone call to the Australian ambassador, to pass on a message to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, might be a violation of the Logan Act. The law prevents citizens from interfering in disputes the United States is having with foreign countries. (via Biz Pac Review)

“Australia is one of America’s oldest friends and staunchest allies,” a statement from McCain read. “In that spirit, I called Australia’s Ambassador to the United States this morning to express my unwavering support for the U.S.-Australia alliance.”

The Logan Act says ANY citizen of the United States who “without permission of the United States” either directly or indirectly “commences or carries on correspondence” with any foreign government or any officer of another government, to “influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer” in ongoing controversies or disputes with America, shall be fined or sent to prison for three years– or both.

“We are united by ties of family and friendship, mutual interests and common values, and shared sacrifice in wartime,” Senator McCain continued when detailing what he claims to have said to the Australian ambassador.

“I asked Ambassador Hockey to convey to the people of Australia that their American brothers and sisters value our historic alliance, honor the sacrifice of the Australians who have served and are serving by our side, and remain committed to the safer, freer, and better world that Australia does far more than its fair share to protect and promote.”

While McCain is still the sitting Senator from Arizona, that status does not exempt him from the dictates in the Logan Act. The Senator apparently took CNN reports about the tone of the conversation between Trump and Turnbull as the gospel, and decided his ideas about how the relationship is going should be heard, by Australian leaders. Talk about sticking your nose in where you don’t belong!

CNN is one of the mainstream media outlets most blatantly hostile to President Trump. What logical reason would the Senator have had for forming the basis of his angst-filled opinion on press coverage – especially without talking to GOP leadership or the president first?

Amid the conflicting reports about the conversation between Trump and his Australian counterpart, Senator McCain called to offer his “unwavering support” to the foreign leader. OUR President voiced his concerns about the refugees being sent from a holing facility in Australia to America.

The deal was created by former President Barack Obama shortly before he left office. As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, Australia had denied access to the immigrants based upon security concerns. Isn’t Senator McCain concerned about keeping Americans safe and putting the United States first, just like Donald Trump? Australia would not have refused entry to the refugees and detained them offshore without a valid reason.

Both President Trump and Prime Minister Turnbull have staunchly denied any acrimony occurred during their phone call. Even if it had, that does not mean OUR president was not in the right and doing what he vowed to do — protect America.

(via: Angry Patriot Movement)

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