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  • New App Will Allow Minorities To Report Hate Crimes and ‘Bias Incidents’ Electronically

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has released an app that will allow “minority groups” to report hate crimes. According to a press release, “Making Democracy Work for Everyone” will give users “the ability to immediately report bias incidents they experience,” which CAIR describes as “an important feature during a period of increased hate incidents targeting […] More

  • Sen. McCain Caught Making HIGHLY Illegal Phone Call – Could This Trigger His Resignation?

    Senator John McCain is sounding more like a RINO everyday. He should be supporting his Congressional peers and President Donald Trump to make America safe again. Instead, John McCain’s phone call to the Australian ambassador, to pass on a message to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, might be a violation of the Logan Act. The law prevents […] More