Stores Begin Ganging Up On Poor Ivanka Trump, DITCHING Her Brand Because They Hate Donald!

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Nordstrom has joined the protesters and officially pulled the plug on Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand. Nordstrom was under enormous pressure from liberals because they carried Ivanka’s line.

The brand did very well. Ivanka’s reps announced last month they had record sales for the year. But a misguided group tried to start a protest against all things Trump, including his daughter and anyone associated with her.

They launched a boycott of her brand calling it the “Grab Your Wallet” campaign. They boycotted Ivanka’s brand as well as anyone who sold her fashion line.

A few  retailers caved quickly, but Nordstrom’s didn’t. They stood tall in the face of the liberal onslaught. But today they announced they were caving.

The are not going to renew Ivanka’s fashion line. They are not 100% joining the boycott as they will still sell the last few items they have in stock.

But in a nod to the liberals, Nordstrom decided it was too much of a hassle to keep Ivanka’s fashion line stocked. It was bad for business, having all these protesters always hanging around.

Ivanka will be doing more important things than dedicate her time to her brand, which also factored into Nordstrom’s and Ivanka’s decision.

Still it’s sad to see protesters getting what they want even if it isn’t for the reasons they think.

(via: World News Politics)

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