‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton Gets Some BAD NEWS About His Unpaid Taxes – Why Trump Is Smiling!

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Civil rights activist Al Sharpton will most likely have his passport canceled. The most recent law, signed by former president Barack Obama, takes away passports from those who owe more than $50,000 in back taxes. This law was enforced on New Year’s Day.

Well, it seems Sharpton doesn’t concern himself much with this. “We’re talking about old taxes. I think it’s political.”

However, the tax law, with all of its disadvantages, is still the current law. Sharpton is under the yoke of this law, as are the rest of those for whom this regulation applies. Sharpton must realize that he is not above the law. To tell you the truth, it’s even surprising how, with him being a buddy of Obama’s and all, he still is still shackled by the law.

Sharpton’s unfazed behavior may actually be a sign of him getting another Obama-style amnesty. For the moment, Sharpton will either pay or sit home and simmer about it. Meanwhile, he will definitely proceed with his racial-baiting slurs.Perhaps, he will lower himself to think about voting for one of the nominees who seek to put an end the IRS.

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(via: Right Journalist)

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