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Another Liberal Media LIE! Polls Show Americans APPROVE Of Trump’s Immigration Ban

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Trump got the biggest present from the American people today – they gave him a support for his travel ban executive order!

In this very important moment, this poll made today gave great results – American people are supporting the travel ban!

While President Donald Trump’s executive order blocking immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations sparked protests and confusion across the U.S., almost half of American voters are in favor of blocking immigration from “terror prone” countries, according to a newly released poll.

American voters support 48 – 42 percent suspending immigration from ‘terror prone’ regions, even if it means turning away refugees from those regions,” states a press release from Quinnipiac University, which questioned 899 people by calling their landline and cell phones in early January.

The poll reflected the strong anti-immigration and anti-refugee views held by Trump supporters in Northeastern Pennsylvania, a region that was crucial in the president’s surprise victory last year.

People are afraid from the global terrorism, all the wars in the world, migrant process, large number of people moving all around the world, many of them not vetted with false ID’s, so it is totally normal people to be very careful and afraid!

There were a lot of terrorist attacks, a lot of hate, crimes, ISIS is a real global danger, so Trump is just protecting America, something that Obama should have done long time ago!

Trump is going to be a great leader, his strong attitude will provide results, he will be the best president we ever had!

America will be safe, strong and the greatest in the world, AGAIN!


(via: USA Politics Today)

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