Barron Trump Just Entered American History SPECTACULARLY!

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The monumental mile to the White House shined bright as President Trump walked through it with his lady and their son Barron. No threat could ever stop this from happening, and we’re happy that everything went better than expected. The family got out of their armored car and walked to honor their supporters. This was a special day for the first family and America. It was about time for this to happen.

Something brilliant happened, and people understood it later. President Trump’s son entered history in a magnificent way. You never assumed this, that’s for sure.

The former first families had their daughters bring light to the White House. Every one of them was special in her own way. Publicity, education, fashion, politics… Just name it. Remember how Melania said that she’s staying with Barron in New York until he finishes his school year? Well, you forgot to remember a special detail as Barron entered the White House with his father.

Barron is the first son to live in the presidential palace since John F. Kennery, Jr. took office. Of course, many of the families had sons, but none of them was a child that was supposed to grow in the White House. Being a child in the White House is a completely different thing, and we wonder how will the young Trump behave.

It’s interesting to note that since 1963, every family has had daughters. This is what makes this detail so special. Barron will enter the White House before he turns 11. Isn’t it amazing? Someone tried to put this together, and now we have this interesting fact out.

What do you think about the first child in the White House? Will he manage to live with the role he just got? What is it like to have a father that has just become a president?

VIA World Politicus

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