SNL Writer Katie Rich FIRED After Disgusting Tweet About Barron Trump

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Reports are swirling about Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich allegedly being fired from her plum gig after her deplorable tweet about Barron Trump on the day of his father inauguration. In case you missed it, here’s the “joke” in all its glory…

You can no longer find the tweet because Ms. Rich went on to delete her Twitter, and maybe even her entire social media presence, from what we can tell.

There’s another thing we can tell: Rich’s name wasn’t on the credits last night after SNL aired. That has been taken to mean that she was fired, which is likely the case, given that the entire writing staff is usually listed on said credits. Maybe they took her off this week only, or put her on some kind of sabbatical. But a firing would also go a long way towards explaining the deletion of her Twitter account. Perhaps the shame simply became too much.

We don’t know for sure if she’s been fired yet, but it’s looking like that might be the case. What I am sure of is SNL now sucks big time. I mean it has for at least the last 10 years or so, but it’s gotten to be terminal over the last 6 months. During Saturday’s new episode, they did a musical tribute to Barack Obama. It wan’t a joke, either. The skit was just straight-up propaganda aimed at pleasing lefties. I don’t see the point in being, ya know, not funny on your comedy show, but that’s the path they’ve taken. It’s becoming a real habit as of late.

I wish Donald Trump could Make SNL Great Again, but that might be asking too much, even for him.


UPDATE: It keeps happening. Here’s a Comedy Central contributor who calls Barron Trump a future date rapist. Classy.


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