Electoral College Seals Deal for Trump: Clinton/Stein/Alt-Left Election Theft FAILS

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President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s impressive November Landslide Election was formally affirmed, and sealed by the Electoral College Votes cast in State Capitol’s across America today. A final tally of votes will be made on January 6th, and a declaration of his election will be made by Congress on that day. President-Elect Trump’s Inauguration will follow on Jan. 20th. In the end, the desperate recount scheme of Clinton/Stein, in cahoots with the Alt-Left Faithless voter “campaign” played out over the past several weeks to steal the election from voters on November 8th, has failed. 

The final count was 304 for Trump, 227 for Clinton, 3 for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one each for Sanders, Paul, Kasich, and Faith Spotted Eagle, a Sioux leader and environmental activist. -via LA Times

Jill Stein, the failed Green Party candidate, Hillary lapdog, and Clinton surrogate for the recounts; only managed to widen Trump’s Electoral victory by 3 votes over Clinton, and narrow the Clinton Popular vote margin for all of their efforts. Stein, unlike Powell, Sanders, Paul, or even Faith Spotted Eagle, didn’t even get a single Electoral College vote for her trouble, or ego.

Some of the Democratic dissenters were supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who lost the primaries to Clinton but galvanized the party’s left wing. Others were backers of an abortive effort that had tried to recruit Democrats and Republicans to unite behind a third candidate other than Clinton or Trump.

After all the efforts to lobby Republican electors to desert Trump, only two did — a pair from Texas, one of whom voted for former Rep. Ron Paul and the other for Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

– Via LA Times

In revelation for their true loathing after their weeks long charade and Love affair for the Electoral College, the Alt- Left and Democrat’s disrespected the earnest importance of the days events to our Democracy.

One of the day’s more colorful elector gatherings was in Olympia, Wash. There, in defiance of a state law that binds the state’s 12 electors to vote for the winner of the popular vote, which was Clinton, four of them risked a $1,000 fine by abandoning her. Three voted for Powell and the fourth for Spotted Eagle.

In Minnesota, a former Sanders delegate, Muhammad Abdurrahman, said he would cast a blank ballot and was quickly replaced by an alternate who voted for Clinton, The Associated Press reported. In Colorado, Michael Baca, who had led the abortive effort to have Democrat electors ally with Republicans behind someone other than Trump, tried to vote for Kasich, but was also replaced by a pro-Clinton elector.

-Via LA Times

In the end our system, and our Democracy worked. It stood the test of desperate  “By Hook, or by Crook” actions to steal a legitimate election of Donald J. Trump, and to use Hillary’s own words pose “a threat to our Democracy”. No matter how sincere, and heartfelt the motives or justification claims are by the disaffected, these post election efforts of usurpation will never pass the smell test of righteousness.

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