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  • Electoral College Seals Deal for Trump: Clinton/Stein/Alt-Left Election Theft FAILS

    President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s impressive November Landslide Election was formally affirmed, and sealed by the Electoral College Votes cast in State Capitol’s across America today. A final tally of votes will be made on January 6th, and a declaration of his election will be made by Congress on that day. President-Elect Trump’s Inauguration will […] More

  • BREAKING: Federal Judge REJECTS PA Recount, Clinton/Stein Election Theft Effort CRUMBLING!

    The attempted scheme of chicanery by Secretary Clinton and Jill Stein to steal an election using Electoral College manipulations is failing. Following a Michigan recount that was shut down by State and Federal Courts late last week, and Wisconsin officials completing their recount yesterday with an increase in Trump votes; confirming it’s frivolity showing no change benefiting Clinton. Last week this […] More