BREAKING: U.S. Senate Defies Obama 99-0…They Just OBLITERATED His Legacy!

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Some things are so overwhelmingly dumb and dangerous that even deluded liberals won’t stand for it.

Obama has been making wrong moves from the moment he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but if the Democrats have been good at one thing, it’s sticking together lock-step.  An upcoming Trump presidency changes all that.

Obama’s foreign policy, which has been a night-and-day departure from his predecessor’s hardline tactics against terrorists, has made Americans far less safe.  But the Senate just signaled that changes are coming, and they’re happy to comply with new leadership.

From The Weekly Standard:

Senate Democrats and Republicans voted overwhelmingly to renew sanctions on Iran for 10 years Thursday, despite attempts by the Obama administration to stymie Congress.

The sweeping congressional approval comes in the aftermath of a United Nations report documenting Iranian violations of the Iran nuclear deal and the election of President-elect Donald Trump, who has called the agreement “the worst deal ever negotiated.”

The Senate passed the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA), an extension of a 1996 measure set to expire this month, 99-0, just weeks after the House easily passed the extension 419-1 in November. The White House had sought to delay the ISA renewal, arguing that the administration has sufficient authority to sanction Iran if the Islamic Republic violates the deal. Secretary of State John Kerry also reportedly advised lawmakers against renewing the package Tuesday.

Many pundits are complaining that Trump cannot unilaterally alter the recent deal Obama made with Iran without consequences.  But it looks like every sane representative of the people (and even some insane ones) is going to be happy to see a president protect its people for once.

Source: The Weekly Standard

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