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  • BREAKING: Iran Drops BOMBSHELL on Obama, Weak Iran Deal WORSE Than We Thought!

    Most people suspected that Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was terrible, and when the details emerged, only a few Democratic diehards were able to defend it. It’s one of the reasons Donald Trump emphasized his skills as a proven negotiator during his campaign; he explained to audiences just how lopsided and anti-American Obama’s deals were, […] More

  • BREAKING: U.S. Senate Defies Obama 99-0…They Just OBLITERATED His Legacy!

    Some things are so overwhelmingly dumb and dangerous that even deluded liberals won’t stand for it. Obama has been making wrong moves from the moment he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but if the Democrats have been good at one thing, it’s sticking together lock-step.  An upcoming Trump presidency changes all that. Obama’s foreign policy, […] More