Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up HORRENDOUS Liberal Crimes? Wishing #Pizzagate was #Fakenews

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Pedophilia is a horrible, disgusting thing, lets make that clear from the very start. Accusing someone of trafficking in Child Porn, Child Sex or worst of all the actual defilement and murder of children without proof is reprehensible.

But (and it’s a big but) how reprehensible would it be if such things were going on in this country (much as happened in the UK not so very long ago – Goggle Jimmy Seville) and we did or said nothing because the Main Stream Media (with no investigation what so ever) declared it a conspiracy theory or worse, Fake News?

What is Pizzagate? You can find a plethora of information, but separating the wheat from the chaff in so far as this story is concerned is extremely difficult. One well thought out and informative article appears at It would be helpful to peruse it prior to continuing with this story. Of course you could do your own research but be aware the first two or three pages found on the search “What is Pizzagate” are full of articles “debunking” the story.

For some unfathomable reason (well perhaps collusion) the leftist led Main Stream Media have apparently become apologist for pedophiles. Certainly this amounts to a outrageous statement, but how else do you explain the fact that despite a tremendous amount of evidence the media treats reports of Child Sex rings with less credence than UFO reports? How can something be “fake news” or any kind of news without any sort of investigation?

Even non-news related entities such as Late Night with Stephen Colbert are guilty of dismissing #Pizzagate Colbert went on to say ““Apparently, some alt-right folks were combing through Clinton campaign emails hacked by Russia and published by WikiLeaks and noticed ‘there seemed to be more references to pizza and pizzerias than people had expected,’” Colbert explained to his audience. “Which can only mean one thing: secret sex ring.”

Surely Colbert and his “journalists” on the Late Show conducted some serious investigation before declaring the entire #pizzagate controversy as false. Well actually no since as Colbert was so intent on telling us he is not a real news person with no real news to divulge.  He does apparently consider himself to be in a position to declare the entire story “fake news” just like CBS News did after an exhaustive non-investigation.

Rather than accept the MSM’s dismissal of Pizzagate as “fake news” many well meaning people have gathered up their courage and conducted their own investigations, quite frankly because the “real” media refused the responsibility. This has resulted in a myriad of videos on YouTube ranging from the well produced and thought provoking (Spoiler alert: These are not representative of the majority) to the downright incomprehensible. It is this end of the spectrum (the incomprehensible) that the left successfully attacks in their efforts to totally discredit the story.

To begin with Colbert was more than just a little disingenuous in his description of the controversy.  It was far more than “more references to pizza and pizzerias than people had expected” as the comedian proclaimed so flippantly. It was rather the very bizarre nature of the language contained in the messages, just reading through the Podesta emails (which can still be found on Twitter) will quickly educate you as to the crazy nature of the whole business. This isn’t the end of Colbert’s lack of truthfulness, but more on that later.

As easy as it is for the left to dismiss (considering how many high ranking leftists have been implicated) there are some voices that are a lot harder to ignore than others.  Former FBI Director Ted Gunderson has made some remarkable claims on Youtube in regards to Child Sex rings, Satanism and a host of other disgusting subjects he was exposed to during and after his tenure with the FBI Some of these claims may be hard to believe and some maybe even harder to stomach, but despite his detractors (and there are many) the man bears listening to.

aabreitbartThere is another voice, one that has been sadly silenced but is once more speaking to the hearts and minds of men. That voice is the late, great Andrew Breitbart. For many years Breitbart (who actually looked something like a lion) roared at Liberals everywhere and was a principal in bringing down sexting fiend Anthony Weiner.  Despised by the left and accused often of making slanderous accusations (much like the left labels everything they don’t like “fake news” nowadays), never the less Brietbart stood by his guns and proved his critics wrong time and time again.

But in the last year of his sadly shortened life (he died at the young age of 43 a death that still resonates with controversy, especially considering the suspected murder by arsenic poisoning of his medical examiner within weeks of proclaiming Brietbart dead) Brietbart’s attacks on the left took a new and strange turn. On February 4th 2011 Brietbart tweeted the following:

“How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.”

Many Liberal sites have attempted to “explain away” this and other tweets about Podesta Larry O’Conner states “So get into Andrew’s head for a moment circa Feb, 2011. His entire sphere of reference at that time with regard to Podesta was in the context of his role creating left wing activist groups like CAP, ACORN and MMfA. Podesta had just joined the Obama Administration. Andrew was tweaking the media for giving Podesta a pass and celebrating the man who Andrew saw as his bete noir.

And one of the most outrageous things Podesta did to Andrew, that the media never scrutinized, was his white-washing of the ACORN scandal.

In other words, from Andrew’s perspective, Podesta was a “world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs .”

That’s what the Tweet means, and anyone who tells you otherwise is up to something.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the language, the above basically boils down to something akin to  lib speak for “nothing to see here” and if you say otherwise you are worse than HITLER! But is that a fair assessment or is this more “Colbert” like denial?

Andrew Brietbart was fiery, he was controversial and he was equal parts hated and loved, but despite liberal claims to the contrary he was not a liar. Throwing out charges of covering up for child molesters wasn’t his style.

His strange tweet was also just a small part of his total disdain for Podesta. The Morning News USA sites this saying “According to Infowars, in a documentary called “Hating Breitbart”, Andrew showed his extreme contempt for Podesta. In the film, he said that he knew things about the murky adviser for Obama and Clinton.

These were things, Breitbart said, which were not yet publication.

“What’s in your closet, John Podesta? Do you want us to play these games? Breitbart asked in the film.

“Because we are playing to win.””

Many will say that Brietbart was railing against ACORN or Planned Parenthood (who he was investigating for covering up of all things – a child sex ring). But does it matter if the children are being abused under Podesta and the Clinton Campaign or under planned Parent Hood or under some Satanic cult? Does it really matter if this heinous crime is being conducted by the Bush administration, the Clinton administration and the Obama administration? Is it better if it is left or right? No, because in the end it is childen who are suffering, innocence that is being sacrificed and for what? A bunch of pervs who feel themselves entitled to indulge any sick fantasy they have because they happen to have a little bit of money.

Getting back to Stephen Colbert in the interest of full disclosure Colbert might have mentioned his ties to Hillary Clinton because according to Wikileaks Colbert (when with Comedy Central) made episodes at the request of the Clinton Global Initiative back in April of 2013

So perhaps #Pizzagate isn’t an “Alt-Right Fever Dream” after all Stephen, maybe it isn’t Fake News, but you know what? The entire world wishes it was.

Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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