Megyn Kelly Goes On Vicious Anti-Trump Rant ‘Americans Aren’t Listening To What The Press Tells Them!’

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Megyn Kelly is pissed that Donald Trump supposedly turned people against the media. In reality, he just said what we were already thinking. In an interview with NPR, Kelly went on a huge rant of how sad it is that people are no longer obeying the word of the media.

“I think it’s dangerous, the entire delegitimization that [President-elect Donald Trump] engaged in against all of the media. The people, as much as it’s fun to hate us, they need us. They need good, strong, skeptical journalists to be covering whoever it is — whether it’s Barack Obama or President Donald Trump,” started Kelly.

“We’re in a dangerous phase right now where too many millions of Americans aren’t listening at all to what the press tells them. That concerns me,” she said.

“The relative lack of power of certain minority groups, and the fear they’re feeling in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, is something I think we really need to take a look at,” she continued.

“While I don’t think Trump wants to target any particular minority group, I understand their fear because he spent many months stoking it. And so I think that’s a legitimate thing we’re going to have to deal with,” she continued.

She then blamed Trump for the website Breitbart supposedly changing. “If you look at what’s happened to Breitbart over the last three years, it’s shocking. I knew Andrew Breitbart very well and he was great. I loved him. He was a true provocateur who would be fun about it, you know. He’d show up at a democratic protest and engage with the protesters and then he’d go have a beer with them. This is something else entirely, and I don’t know that Trump can stop it.”

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