Legendary Civil Rights Leader Receives Threats After Announcing Support For Trump

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Decades ago he stood against oppression by sitting at a North Carolina lunch counter, today he stands beside Donald Trump for president.

Clarence Henderson, who participated at the sit-in protest in 1960, is backing the GOP candidate despite receiving backlash from some in the black community, the Associated Press reported.

“Donald Trump is certainly not a politician, and politicians are a dime a dozen, but leaders are priceless,” he said.

Henderson has been brutalized on social media for his standing position.


Clarence Henderson is a clear sign of a man who has sold out and a disappointment.

— Duchess Robinson (@Duchess_Arrita) August 29, 2016

But Henderson is undeterred.

“He has proved to be a leader in the business field. Has he done everything right? No, certainly not. But I think that he has more at stake than Hillary does,” Henderson told the AP.

The civil rights leader originally supported Ted Cruz but joined the Trump Train when Trump won the Republican nomination.

“I stand before you as one that knows what America’s all about – the good, the bad and the ugly. I would not live in any other country except America that put Jim Crow on trial and found him guilty of trying to separate the races. So I stand before you to say that we are unified,” he said at a Trump rally in September.

And he plans to vote for Trump for the same reason he sat at that lunch counter in the 60s.

“I would rather be in the minority on the side of justice than in the majority on the side of injustice, because I have lived a life where I saw there was injustice,” he said.

(via: BizPacReview)

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