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U.S. Soldiers Being Forced To Pay Back Re-Enlist Bonus – With Interest!

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California National Guardsmen who re-enlisted in return for bonuses of $15,000 or more are now being told they have to return the money — with interest — or face having their wages garnished.

This is affecting nearly 10,000 guardsmen, who put their lives on the line by returning to the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan upon the receipt of their promised bonus payments, local Bay Area NBC News reported.

The problem occurred when a Pentagon audit revealed that the California guard overpaid re-enlistment bonuses to soldiers. Now it wants its money back.

Iraq War veteran Christopher Van Meter, a Purple Heart recipient who dedicated 21 years of service to his country, was one of those who received a payment letter.

“It was awful; it was gut-wrenching. I was frustrated and in denial and not sure what’s going on,” said Van Meter, 42.

“These bonuses were used to keep people in,” he said. “People like me just got screwed.”

Some poor grunt re-ups in good faith upon the receipt of a promised $15,000 bonus and will now face a possible tax lien.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department negligently “misplaced” $6 billion and she runs for president.

Just to put things into perspective, 10,000 guardsmen times $15,000 equals $150 million, 1/40th of $6 billion.

Welcome to Obamaville.

(via: BizPacReview)

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