VIDEO: NFL Reporter Compares Touchdown Celebration To Domestic Violence

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NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales referred to domestic violence as mere off-the-field “theatrics” on Sunday, and wondered how the Giants could overcome the “distraction” of kicker Josh Brown beating his wife.

In a recently released letter from 2014, Brown said that he abused his wife “physically, emotionally and verbally.”

“I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave,” Brown wrote at the time. In August, the NFL suspended Brown for one game in connection with violence against his wife, Molly.

While talking to Giants quarterback Eli Manning after the Giants game on Sunday, Dale seemed to downplay the domestic violence issue by comparing it to a fine against wide receiver Odell Beckham, who was punished for the way that he celebrated a touchdown.

“Overcoming the adversity this week with your football team,” Dales prompted Manning. “Some off the field stuff. And really some theatrics from Odell Beckham and, of course, Josh Brown.”

For his part, Manning said that the team was focused on playing football.

“When we have some downtime, we’ll handle all the other things,” he explained.

Update: According to Dales, she was “not joking” when she compared Brown’s spousal abuse to Beckham’s touchdown celebration.

(via: Crooks & Liars)

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