Are You A Christian Planning To Vote For Hillary? Here’s Some TRUTH You Need To Know First

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It’s amazing that Hillary Clinton is giving a speech in a Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina, since Christians can not vote for her and still call themselves Christian. This includes all denominations, yet somehow, she is seemingly welcomed by the congregation. If Christians in America put their faith first, there would be no way Hillary could ever become president, and here’s why.


Hillary Clinton at a Baptist Church in North Carolina

Christians in America have voted twice to put Barack Obama in the White House. That may seem shocking to some of you, but it’s the truth. According to Pew Research, 50% of Catholics and roughly the same percentage of mainline Protestants voted for Obama, and that is exactly how he won.

That’s extremely troubling because it means that these people are not truly who they say they are. You cannot vote for a pro-abortion candidate and say you are a Christian unless you are completely ignorant about God’s commands. No Christian can vote for Hillary since that is the same as supporting true evil in this world.

Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., reminds us what is at stake for Christians in this election:

“For me, it’s sanctity of human life, procreation, racial justice, economic growth and stability, a positive work ethic, good health, safe borders, domestic harmony, good jobs, sustainable values based education, family stability, and a God guided U. S. Supreme Court; all biblical. Even the building of the wall. It’s not a first! Ezra and Nehemiah did that.

“Walls aren’t evil; it’s the intent that’s important. If the walls protect the citizens and yet have gates of legal entry to those in need, or desirous of becoming U. S. citizens, such walls aren’t evil.

“Note that in Nehemiah’s day, the people had a mind to work. Handouts and entitlements weren’t on the agenda. (Nehemiah 4:6)” [via Conservative Base]

We are told as Christians that, to live our faith, it must always come first, yet we know that half of the so-called Christians in the U.S. voted for Obama. Simply, they are not living their faith or they are delusional to and ignorant of the one issue on the ballot that will bring God’s vengeance.

There are 4 sins that cry to heaven for vengeance, and the first is willful murder. Early Church Fathers had this to say:

You shall not kill the child by obtaining an abortion. Nor, again, shall you destroy him after he is born.
St. Barnabas (“Epistle of St. Barnabas,” c. 70-100 A.D.)

You shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill one who has been born.
The Didache [The Teaching Of The Twelve Apostles] (c. 80-140 A.D.) [via St. Peter’s List]


Martina Luther King Jr & his niece Alveda King (left), Number of abortions since 1973 is over 55 million (right)

When you cast a vote for anyone who is pro-abortion, or pro-choice as they like to call it, it is the same thing as supporting all the abortions that are done. I know that’s heavy and many will scoff at this, but logically, if you vote for a person who is supporting the willful murder of the unborn you have to jump through mental hoops to try to justify it.

I hope all Christians realize that it took Donald Trump a lot of guts to be as graphic as he was during that third debate about partial-birth abortion, and I pray all Christians stop and realize that, even if a candidate seems good, they are not if they support abortion. Since Roe v Wade, over 55 million babies have been killed through abortion in the U.S. That number is so staggering, it’s hard to fathom

So, why and how is Hillary Clinton allowed in any church in America? I don’t know. I really don’t get how any Christian can welcome her into their place of worship. If America is to be saved, it won’t be until we stop offending God by killing his most precious creations in a mother’s womb.

(via: Mad World News)

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