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BOOM: Wikileaks Strikes Again! Hillary’s Own Signature PROVES She’s…

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The revelations coming from whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks aren’t stopping anytime soon. Earlier in the year, they released thousands of emails and documents, exposing a vast landscape of questionable actions on the part of DNC party leaders.

The leak brought down key leadership within the party and demoralized thousands of voters.

Not a huge surprise. If you found out the Democrats railroaded Bernie Sanders, slammed Jews over the Holocaust, and called Mexicans the “taco bowl” vote, wouldn’t you be furious?

Yet there are even even worse leaks coming out, revealing how incompetent the Democrats—and their poster child Hillary Clinton—really are.

From Conservative Tribune:

In an interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Wednesday that he was set to release thousands of cables with Hillary Clinton’s signature on them, along with one little letter in her handwriting that could seal her coffin for good.

The new batch of cables, according to Assange, shows Clinton writing the letter “(C)” in parentheses to indicate classified information. During her interview with the FBI, Clinton said that she didn’t know what the “(C)” meant.

WikiLeaks announced the documents on their Twitter page…

“Everyone in positions of government and in Wikileaks knows it stands for ‘classified confidential,’” he said.

Clinton has tried to doggedly avoid consequences for her illegal email server. She lied numerous times about what kind of messages she was sending from the unprotected server.  Yet time and again it was proven that she was sending Top Secret and classified emails from her private server; something that should land her in jail.

But everyone, from the media to the FBI, have given the woman a pass. Even though they know she lied, under oath, about her criminal activities.

It is taking the bold measures of whistleblower Assange to hold our entire country accountable. Should this really be? Assange is a dangerous, unpredictable character who at any minute can cause instability through his revelations.  The fact that he is forced to do what our society refuses—out Clinton as a liar and criminal—shows how far our system has fallen. Our media protects a criminal and props her up. Obama’s government cronies look the other way while she endangers our national security.

We the American people should be the ones indicting this criminal, not Assange. But until there is a change in leadership in Washington, things will stay the same.

VIA Patriot Journal

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